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Food-views: Rose & Crown

Source: Sam Howzit

Another food-views dining review, this time we’ll be taking a look at Rose & Crown from the UK Pavillion in World Showcase. Enjoy!

  • Location
Located at the heart of the United Kingdom Pavillion in Epcots’ World Showcase, the restaurant is attached to the Rose & Crown pub.

Source: Brian Clark

  • Atmosphere
Much like a traditional country style pub here in the UK, there is a welcoming ‘homely’ feel to the place. Dark wooden furniture, lighter walls and many country stylized graphics, artwork and dinnerware adorning the walls. Everything about is screams cosy countryside, so much so you expect the farmer and his sheepdog to pull up a chair and order a well headed pint at any moment. The bar attached to the restaurant has some brilliant piano entertainment too. They also offer outside dining around the side and back of the building, giving amazing views of the lake.

Top tip: Try and get a reservation around the time of Illuminations and beg for an outside table. You will have a perfect view of the show whilst you dine! If your meal ends just before Illuminations starts, you will be offered access to a viewing area, somewhat exclusive to Rose & Crown guests (until the show starts!).

Source: HarshLight

  • Menu
Traditional fish & chips, a scrumptious Sunday roast with all the trimmings, and good ol’ pie and mash and some of the offerings available. The menu has undergone some major changes over the last few years, so much so that many favorites (such as bangers and mash!) have been removed. They’ve had a habit of removing the tenderloin & fish combination too but seem to keep bringing it back – which is great for me as it’s my favorite choice on the menu! They’ve recently added a chicken curry to the menu too – don’t look so surprised, us Brits can’t get enough of a good curry!

The kids menu has some great British offerings including; bangers and mash, shepherds pie, and fish and chips. I’d like to see a few of those back on the main menu!

Source: HarshLight

Desserts include sticky toffee pudding, cheesecake and lemon custard. A while back they did offer this to-die-for chocolate scotch cake but it’s been off the menu for a while now. I also recall a huge strawberry trifle, which was a family favorite until it vanished too!

Full menu can be found here!

  • Taste
The steak is very good and the fish is on par, if not better at times than that offered at raglan Road in Downtown Disney. It is much better (and better value) than the Harry Ramsdens fish and chip quick service next door too! The chips (aka fries) are thick cut and very much remind me of home. For some reason the tomato sauce tastes better here too!

  • Service
Honestly, I have to say it can be hit or miss. I’ve dined here quite a few times and there has been more than one occasion where we have felt completely forgotten about. I’m not sure if it’s because once the British servers realize they’re serving British guests their attitudes change somewhat, I’ve heard this mentioned around the Disney Community a few times! There are those super star cast members though that really make up for it, we have had some great servers, even ones from near where we live and they always have plenty of questions about back home; mostly to do with the football and Coronation Street!

  • Pricing
When I see a $17 starter on the menu it definatly pushes the place into the higher price range. Mains range from $15 - $30 each, desserts coming in from $6 - $7. Compared to many locations this isn’t too bad, it’s not exactly signature pricing but, if your on a budget I can think of better places to head to for a treat!

  • DDP accepted?
Yes! One of the main reasons we dine here as I’m not sure we’d really want to pay out of pocket for it after past experiences. Just remember that even though your using Disney Dining Plan you still have to pay gratuity of 15% - 18%.

Final thoughts…
I love the steak and the fish, that’s what keeps brining me back to this place. For anyone wanting to experience that traditional British pub feeling, or fancies a bit of nostalgia away from home it’s a must do at least once. I’m not saying it’s going to blow you away, but it’s worth at least one visit! I just wish they’d bring back some of the old menu items!


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