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Art of Animation - the opening begins!

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It’s the talk of the Disney Community tonight and you don’t have to look far for pictures and videos! I’ve been following the media opening of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort all day on twitter and I have to admit, I’m impressed.

They’ve opened up the first building out of the four they have created – Nemo, along with the all new styled family suits (sleeps up to 6) and it looks stunning! Im so happy Disney finally realized the need for the family suits as larger families often have no choice but to book several rooms to accommodate them. Extra bedrooms, bathrooms and a family area, these rooms are extra spacious and perfect for larger groups! The Cars building will open 18th June, The Lion King building on 10th August and finally, The Little Mermaid is set to open 15th September. Positioned as a value resort, the prices haven’t really reflected that but hopefully it will balance out. Personally, I could see it more as a moderate resort. Disney is trying to invest more in their value and moderate resorts – they’re coming to realize we’re all in a spot of financial bother.

Three of the buildings will have the family suites, the fourth having the standard 2 bed rooms. All the usually amenities are available too; gift shop, arcade, food court, pool etc. I’ve yet to hear word on if they will share park busses with another resort though. The resort has finally started appearing on sign posts on property too.

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RFID has of course made itself known at the resort too. Art of Animation is the first Walt Disney World hotel to implement their investment in the radio frequency tech. Keyless doors they’re calling it – though it still involves a key, sort of. Instead of slotting your key to the world into the device below the handle, you simple wave your key over the sensor, which then unlocks your door. Disney say it’s to make the entrance smoother, especially if you’re juggling sleeping children, push chairs, suitcases etc. They already have these doors implemented on two of the cruise ships and it’s been getting rave reviews. They’re hoping to convert all Walt Disney World hotel doors to these RFID sensor machines swiftly but have yet to set a date of commencement.

RFID is everywhere at the minute, almost ever other post I read about the on goings at Walt Disney World involves this tech, they really are putting a lot of time, money and effort into it which is good to see but I still wonder if they are going to get a little carried away! Time will tell!

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Back to Art of Animation and the footage Im seeing is looking great, especially the addition of character waffles at the food court – though I admit they’re not as well shaped as the infamous Mickey waffles, they’re still pretty darn cute! ‘Big Blue’ pool is set to be the biggest Disney resort pool on property, and, underwater speakers will pipe in sounds and sayings from Finding Nemo as guests splash around! You’ve got to admit, that is all kinds of fantastic and something they should have adopted many hotels ago! ‘Big Blue’ will be located at the Nemo building but Cars and Lion King will be getting pools as well. Wouldn’t it make sense to give Little Mermaid the pool over Cars? Rust isn’t to attractive if you ask me!
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Disney Imagineering have really out done themselves on the themeing around the resort. I’m particularly in love with the sketch-a-lier! A beautiful chandelier in the main lobby that is adorned with original hand drawn artwork. The animation walls in the lobby look like blown up animation cells, so vibrant! The whole place is so colorful and fun – every inch the perfect photo opportunity! Check out the Orlando Business Journal for some great interior shots to see what Im talking about!

I definatly think I’ll be taking a detour over here in September to see the finished product and get my picture taken with some of the 2,700 statues that decorate the resort!

What do you think of the newest addition to Walt Disney World resorts?

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