Thursday, 24 May 2012

15 days to go...

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*insert happy dance here*

Well, Florida (part 1!) is almost here! My pounds have been changed into dollars and my tickets arrived this morning! With just two weeks to go I can already smell the sun cream and taste that first slice of CiCi's pizza. Though this won't be a Disney holiday there is still an abundance of planning to be done.

You know how much I love to plan, right? My to-do pad is out - pen firmly in hand, there's a lot to get done over the next 14 days!

  • Packing - It's never too early to start packing! Now is the time to start going through your packing list and checking off what you've been buying over the last few weeks (or months in my case!). I like getting everything together into 4 piles; clothes, toiletries, hand luggage and everything else (mostly electronics chargers, travel kettle, anything that doesn't fit into the other 3 piles). 
  • Shopping - Anything that hasn't been checked off the packing list goes onto the shopping list (I like lists!). Usually it's a few first aid bits and bobs, some last minute toiletries, any extra clothes I might need. 
  • Fashion Show - By this I mean trying on all the holiday clothes, making sure some of the stuff that hasn't been worn since the last holiday is still in good condition and fits! It's also the best time to start putting your park outfits together. I pack super light, only take 4 - 5 pairs of shorts, and most of my tops co-ordinate with at least 2 pairs of shorts! Yes, I'm one of those weird people who washes clothes whilst I'm on holiday!
  • Travel Insurance - I've been eyeing up a few policies over the last few weeks so now is the time I'll settle on one and purchase. Everything is click - buy - print now with most travel insurance companies so I don't have to worry about my documents coming late or getting lost in the post. 
  • Itinerary - We might not be making any ADRs for this trip but that doesn't mean we don't have some sort of itinerary. I always put together a loose idea of what we'll be doing each day, especially if we have to book anything in advance (see next point). Most of our dining choices are made on the day, our first night meal is the only one we really plan!
  • Bookings - As we won't have a car we will be using the public transport to get around. This means that on the days we want to visit Busch Gardens we will need to pre-book our seats in the shuttle bus before we go! We usually spend at least 2 days at Busch Gardens, one each week of the trip, so I'll plan these days out very soon and make the bookings. We have wifi in the hotel and smart phones so if we do decide to change the booking or make another we can do so whilst we're there. 
Most of the above will be done over the next week. I always want as much of it done as possible as close to a week before travel as I can! If any hiccups arise there will still be some time left to deal with them. 

As your own trip draws nearer how do you prepare? How do your plans differ between Disney and non-Disney holidays?

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