Thursday, 31 May 2012

Art of Animation - the opening begins!

source: insidethemagic

It’s the talk of the Disney Community tonight and you don’t have to look far for pictures and videos! I’ve been following the media opening of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort all day on twitter and I have to admit, I’m impressed.

They’ve opened up the first building out of the four they have created – Nemo, along with the all new styled family suits (sleeps up to 6) and it looks stunning! Im so happy Disney finally realized the need for the family suits as larger families often have no choice but to book several rooms to accommodate them. Extra bedrooms, bathrooms and a family area, these rooms are extra spacious and perfect for larger groups! The Cars building will open 18th June, The Lion King building on 10th August and finally, The Little Mermaid is set to open 15th September. Positioned as a value resort, the prices haven’t really reflected that but hopefully it will balance out. Personally, I could see it more as a moderate resort. Disney is trying to invest more in their value and moderate resorts – they’re coming to realize we’re all in a spot of financial bother.

Three of the buildings will have the family suites, the fourth having the standard 2 bed rooms. All the usually amenities are available too; gift shop, arcade, food court, pool etc. I’ve yet to hear word on if they will share park busses with another resort though. The resort has finally started appearing on sign posts on property too.

source: justzanna
RFID has of course made itself known at the resort too. Art of Animation is the first Walt Disney World hotel to implement their investment in the radio frequency tech. Keyless doors they’re calling it – though it still involves a key, sort of. Instead of slotting your key to the world into the device below the handle, you simple wave your key over the sensor, which then unlocks your door. Disney say it’s to make the entrance smoother, especially if you’re juggling sleeping children, push chairs, suitcases etc. They already have these doors implemented on two of the cruise ships and it’s been getting rave reviews. They’re hoping to convert all Walt Disney World hotel doors to these RFID sensor machines swiftly but have yet to set a date of commencement.

RFID is everywhere at the minute, almost ever other post I read about the on goings at Walt Disney World involves this tech, they really are putting a lot of time, money and effort into it which is good to see but I still wonder if they are going to get a little carried away! Time will tell!

source: justzanna
Back to Art of Animation and the footage Im seeing is looking great, especially the addition of character waffles at the food court – though I admit they’re not as well shaped as the infamous Mickey waffles, they’re still pretty darn cute! ‘Big Blue’ pool is set to be the biggest Disney resort pool on property, and, underwater speakers will pipe in sounds and sayings from Finding Nemo as guests splash around! You’ve got to admit, that is all kinds of fantastic and something they should have adopted many hotels ago! ‘Big Blue’ will be located at the Nemo building but Cars and Lion King will be getting pools as well. Wouldn’t it make sense to give Little Mermaid the pool over Cars? Rust isn’t to attractive if you ask me!
source: justzanna
Disney Imagineering have really out done themselves on the themeing around the resort. I’m particularly in love with the sketch-a-lier! A beautiful chandelier in the main lobby that is adorned with original hand drawn artwork. The animation walls in the lobby look like blown up animation cells, so vibrant! The whole place is so colorful and fun – every inch the perfect photo opportunity! Check out the Orlando Business Journal for some great interior shots to see what Im talking about!

I definatly think I’ll be taking a detour over here in September to see the finished product and get my picture taken with some of the 2,700 statues that decorate the resort!

What do you think of the newest addition to Walt Disney World resorts?

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Monday, 28 May 2012

Ride Crossovers!

source: omnitographer

The nostalgics amongst us shed a tear or two when Snow Whites Scary Adventures closed indefinitely in May 2012, but the announcement of a replacement ride was the handkerchief to dry our eyes upon. As one of the original 1955 opening day attractions, it was sad to see it finally close its doors. There are very few opening day attractions left in Walt Disney World and this saddens me, but Disney is all about progress and moving forward.

On that note, Disney announced that they would be bringing their first animated feature film Snow White and the Dwarfs, back to life in a new attraction, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. This steel roller coaster construction is part of the ever growing Fantasy Land expansion that (I think) will sit over, or at least near, the original place of Snow Whites Scary Adventures. Sweeping and swooping indoors and out, the carts will be designed to sway and jolt much like a regular mine cart. Unfortunately, the thrill seekers amongst us will not find any Sheikra style drops into the mouth of the mine (seriously, that would be pretty amazing, wouldn't it?). They plan on keeping the ride, like most of the other rides in the parks, very family friendly. Don't get me wrong, the little'uns need rides too, but another Rock n Roller style coaster is needed somewhere on property if you ask me!

The above video, released towards the end of 2011 gives us a brief insight into what we can expect from the new ride. I actually think releasing these kinds of things is an awesome move by Disney Imagineearing, especially for those of us who are really interested in all the nuts and bolts of developments throughout WDW property. Now, is it just me or does that simulation look a lot like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad? The entrance at 0.06 really looks like you're heading into Big Thunder Mountain. The caves have been replaced with mines (kind of the same thing though isn't it?) and it switches between an indoor and outdoor track that just mirrors Big Thunders! Even the cars (ok, they're yellow digital boxes at the minute!) remind me of Big Thunders - and are we not on some sort of run away mine train on Big Thunder?

The shots that show the animatronic dwarfs remind me of Splash Mountain, especially the shot at 0.14 where you see the water wheel coming into view. Even at 0.26, it looks like the initial bend in the track of Expedition Everest.

Lets set the record straight, I am not an engineer, ride designer, creative expert etc, I'm just a viewer like the rest of you and of course, I accept that there are limitations to track design, space, ride vehicles etc but, there are an awful lot of homages to other nearby rides! They are doing something imaginative with the ride cars, adding pistons and such for the mine cart movement, but is that enough? Are we not just going to be riding the same ride through different scenery?

C'mon Disney, lets see something a little more original, you've just demolished an opening day attraction, at least replace it with something with a little more progress!

Any thoughts on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train?

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Thursday, 24 May 2012

15 days to go...

Source: mamboman

*insert happy dance here*

Well, Florida (part 1!) is almost here! My pounds have been changed into dollars and my tickets arrived this morning! With just two weeks to go I can already smell the sun cream and taste that first slice of CiCi's pizza. Though this won't be a Disney holiday there is still an abundance of planning to be done.

You know how much I love to plan, right? My to-do pad is out - pen firmly in hand, there's a lot to get done over the next 14 days!

  • Packing - It's never too early to start packing! Now is the time to start going through your packing list and checking off what you've been buying over the last few weeks (or months in my case!). I like getting everything together into 4 piles; clothes, toiletries, hand luggage and everything else (mostly electronics chargers, travel kettle, anything that doesn't fit into the other 3 piles). 
  • Shopping - Anything that hasn't been checked off the packing list goes onto the shopping list (I like lists!). Usually it's a few first aid bits and bobs, some last minute toiletries, any extra clothes I might need. 
  • Fashion Show - By this I mean trying on all the holiday clothes, making sure some of the stuff that hasn't been worn since the last holiday is still in good condition and fits! It's also the best time to start putting your park outfits together. I pack super light, only take 4 - 5 pairs of shorts, and most of my tops co-ordinate with at least 2 pairs of shorts! Yes, I'm one of those weird people who washes clothes whilst I'm on holiday!
  • Travel Insurance - I've been eyeing up a few policies over the last few weeks so now is the time I'll settle on one and purchase. Everything is click - buy - print now with most travel insurance companies so I don't have to worry about my documents coming late or getting lost in the post. 
  • Itinerary - We might not be making any ADRs for this trip but that doesn't mean we don't have some sort of itinerary. I always put together a loose idea of what we'll be doing each day, especially if we have to book anything in advance (see next point). Most of our dining choices are made on the day, our first night meal is the only one we really plan!
  • Bookings - As we won't have a car we will be using the public transport to get around. This means that on the days we want to visit Busch Gardens we will need to pre-book our seats in the shuttle bus before we go! We usually spend at least 2 days at Busch Gardens, one each week of the trip, so I'll plan these days out very soon and make the bookings. We have wifi in the hotel and smart phones so if we do decide to change the booking or make another we can do so whilst we're there. 
Most of the above will be done over the next week. I always want as much of it done as possible as close to a week before travel as I can! If any hiccups arise there will still be some time left to deal with them. 

As your own trip draws nearer how do you prepare? How do your plans differ between Disney and non-Disney holidays?

Until next time,

Monday, 14 May 2012

Travelling with your parents!

I know that there are several grown ups on the board that still do Disney with their parents. I think this is fantastic and I hope that I still get to do Disney with my kids after they "leave the nest". I'm curious though, who's in charge? Was it easy to make that transition from being "the kid" to being adults traveling together? Do you have any advice for people with kids that are almost adults on how to keep each trip special? (source)

A 'Grown Up' way to tour World Showcase! Source:perfectance

Being 24, I guess that firmly puts me in the ‘adult’ social bracket. Being 24 and traveling to Walt Disney World with my almost 50 year old parents and 20 year old 'little' brother means we are one big ol’ bunch of grown ups traveling together.

When my brother and I where much younger are parents took the lead, paid for the trips, made the reservations and wrote up the itineraries as well as doling out the spending money. As we got older, myself especially, we started to get more involved in the planning aspects of the trips and once I was working I was able to contribute to the cost of the trips and take along a few extra pennies of my own to spend!

So how do we make it work? Communication! When your younger, it’s easy to have your parents lead you by the hand, but once you’ve grown older and become an independent ‘adult’ your can be more reluctant to ‘fall in line’, so to speak. I think what’s worked well for us 4 for so long is that we all have a genuine love of Disney and the parks and we all enjoy doing a lot of the same things during the trips, from food to rides and everything in between.

Dad and I are big time planners, planning even when we don’t have a trip on the horizon! But as a family, we will all make suggestions about dining and itineraries. We don’t have one person in charge and responsible for everything. With everyone having equal input into the planning, nobody feels left out! It also means that everyone gets sometime to do something they really enjoy, be it shopping for Mum, eating Chinese food for my brother or hitting a water-park for my Dad. There’s something in there for everyone!

One of the things that people constantly presume is that as a group, we spend 24/7 together for two weeks - not true! My parents will go for a nice meal together, Mum and I will go shopping, little bro and I will attack evening extra magic hours and so on. Yes, we tend to dine as a group most days, but we all eat the same meals, so what’s the point in dining separately?

The transition from traveling as a child to a grown up was so smooth I think I blinked too fast and missed it! It was a natural progression, most of which centered around the fact that I, then eventually my brother, could pay entirely for ourselves. That made a huge difference to our holidays to Walt Disney World, I’d say it’s the primary reason we’ve been lucky enough and able to go as often as we have.

I’ve been asked so many times why, at my age, am I still going on holiday with my parents. Well, I say why not? Why does it suddenly have to stop when you reach a certain age? I’m very lucky in that I have a brilliant relationship with my immediate family and as I’ve got older, it’s only got better. My Mum and Dad take trips just the two of them, and I have had several holidays – including trips to Florida, with my boyfriend over the years. If anything, I’m getting the best of both worlds! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I think I’m pretty lucky!

My advice to grown up kids traveling to Walt Disney World with their parents? (Or should that be the other way around?) Communicate! Make sure everyone who wants a say in the planning gets a say in it! Make a point of including something special for everyone. Be it a favorite meal or a day off site at Universal. It’s important to make everyone feel included as much as possible – but if you all share the same love of WDW, you won’t find it a taxing task!

And don’t be afraid to split your group up for a few hours here and there, it’s a great opportunity to buy birthday and Christmas gifts for the other without them knowing!

Though I might not be able to travel with my parents as much in the near future, I know that someday we will be traveling again – maybe with my own little ones in tow!

Are you an older family group traveling to Walt Disney World? Any tips to share?

Until next time,

Saturday, 12 May 2012

It's a Celebration!

What will you celebrate?

With so many celebrations coming up over the next 12 months it’s hard to know just what to do to make each and every one as special as possible. Throw in a trip to Walt Disney World on the horizon and all of a sudden the celebration possibilities, layered in pixie dust become ever so appealing. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, anything you can think of, you don’t have to be in the park on the actual day – for most of us that would be impossible (though we can dream right?) but choosing a vacation day, or even just a special meal during your trip, you can celebrate the upcoming (or already passed) event!

Top 5 ways to celebrate at Walt Disney World

1. Photopass Products!

From mugs to seasonal decorations and the luxury photo books, you can turn all of your holiday snaps, including photopass and personal taken shots, into some fantastic gifts! They’re the perfect way to showcase your magical memories and make fantastic gifts for guests of all ages. My personal favorite is the photo book! I love the embossed hardback covers and glossy paper, they look super professional and are very easy to make online!

2. Have your cake and eat it!

Birthday Cupcake @ 1900 Park Fare
You can order specialty cakes through the Disney bakery to be delivered right to your table at any sit down dining location. If you choose, you can also have it delivered to you as in room dining at any Walt Disney World Resort. Having them delivered towards the end of your meal is fantastic though, especially if it’s for a birthday! The lights go down, the music starts to play and the whole restaurant bursts into song and applause just for the birthday guest! Specialty cakes need to be ordered at least 48 hours in advance but if your feeling a little spontaneous, let your server know as you check in and then can offer you a selection of on-hand treats to be brought out in the same manner!

3. Disney Floral and Gifts!
If they don’t have a way to celebrate it then it’s not worth celebrating! Every time I venture over to their site I spend hours ‘oooing’ and ‘ahhing’ over all the pretty gift baskets and floral arrangements. Imagine after you check into your resort, you find your room, open the door and there on the bed is a gift basket of all kinds of goodies from Mickey and the gang. They have some great ‘first visit’ goodie bags for adults and kids, and even some DVC exclusive gifts.

4. Take a tour!

Walt Disney World offer some amazing tours (I heartily reccomed ‘Keys to the Kingdom’) that offer guests a very different view of the parks. Insights into Imagineering, history, guest tales, access to the infamous Utiladors to see what makes Magic Kingdom tick, there is something for everyone (note, some tours do have an age restriction, especially ones that go backstage). Imagine taking in Epcot on a Segway before any other guests enter the park, or taking an African adventure through  the savannah? That’s one celebration treat you’re going to remember for a lifetime!

5. Bag a Button!
We all love a freebie! Call at your resorts concierge desk or pop into Guest Services at any Walt Disney World park and ask them about their celebration buttons/badges. They’ll give you the button appropriate to your celebration and even personalize it for you! Wear it with pride for a day, or every day of your trip if you want to! I’ve had a few of these in the past and have received so many well wishes from Castmembers and even other guests! I even received a few free fast passes and some trading pins!

There are so many ways to celebrate on every budget! Check out the official Walt Disney World celebrations page for even more ideas.

How do you celebrate at Walt Disney World?

Until next time,

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Fastpass+ The next generation in planning!

'Let the chaos commence and may the time slots be ever in your favour'

Walt Disney World has finally gone live with their Fastpass+, sometimes known as the X pass, trial runs. May 1st - 15th sees selected Walt Disney World Resort guests given the opportunity to experience one of the creations from the $2billion technological initiative Walt Disney World is embarking on. 

Back in March I had a look at what the future holds for the Fastpass, when the X Pass was highly speculated but not a done deal. Two months on and here we are, looking at what could be the finished product!

So just what am I blathering on about? Well, Fastpass+ as we'll be calling it for now, is going to allow guests (possible only Walt Disney World Resort Guests) to pre-book their fastpass slots. Where you would normal put your park ticket into the fastpass machine and be given a printed allotted time slot, Fastpass+ aims to allow you to pre-book your slots in advance of you actually arriving at Walt Disney World. So whilst your sitting there making all your Advanced Dining Reservations, you can book a pre-dinner ride on Haunted Mansion and a post dinner meander through Its a Small World. 

Guests will be given a card, similar to their resort key (thought I imagine the two will be integrated at some point) which they will then use to access the Fastpass+ queue of the selected ride. You swipe your card at the terminal and if it glows green your good to go, glows red though and your possible too early, too late or at the wrong ride. They will also have separate terminals set up that allow you to see everything you have booked. Cast Members at the Fastpass+ entrances and access terminals will have iPads connected to the system, so when your card is swiped they will see all your parties details, including any special notes you have made on your booking e.g a birthday, anniversary, insert other celebration here. The idea of this is that eventually your little card will act like some sort of biometric passport to the World, including all kinds of other information such as food allergies. I'm in two minds about this aspect of the tech. Do you want Cast Members to greet you by name as you enter the ride or would your rather they show an interest and got chatting with you? Will this all knowing little database cut down the guest - Cast interaction? They'll have all your information, so no more inquisitive 'getting to know you' questions? That interaction is something that sets Disney so far apart from other theme parks and holiday destinations. 

During the trial period, around 300 Resort Guests a day are being selected to pre-book up to three attractions in the park and trial the system out, presumably having to report back with their feedback. Word about online is that the system is currently working pretty well, in fact I'm hard pushed to find anyone complaining about their experience with it. Of course, once it's opened up to all Resort Guests (the original rumour was that it would only be available to deluxe Resort Guests) then we will really see what it's capable of. For now it sounds like they will just be focusing on the ride fastpasses and some Guest information. There is also no mass roll out date for the other parks (right now it's only in Magic Kingdom) or news on what will happen after May 15th - but I'll be keeping an eye out! With a trip coming up in September, it will be interesting to see what progress is made between now and then and how it's going to, or if it will at all, affect my trip! 

I know a lot of people are already not happy about the Resort Guest only restriction put in place. Remember, it's not set in stone just yet but, I can see why they might do this. They need to be, and keep filling their resorts. There are already numerous perks to being a Walt Disney World Guest, extra magic hours, free transportation, Magical Express and more, but many, if not most theme parks that have hotels attached do offer some form of early entry plus their version of ride fastpass. Universal offers it, as well as European parks such at Port Aventura. And I'm pretty sure it does draw a crowd, especially during the busier seasons when you don't want to be standing in line 120+ minutes! 

This will not be the end of the original, and much beloved Fastpass. I can never see them taking away the original, especially if Fastpass+ is only for resort guests. I imagine resorts guests will get the best of both worlds (though there will be a block on using the Fastpass printing machines during an already pre-booked time slot). Though having three queues and/or entrances to a ride could make the place look a bit cluttered! 


Until next time,

Friday, 4 May 2012

Park hopping touring plan for a short trip!

“How do we spend our time at the parks?!?! We purchased park hoppers, so we have flexibility. We want to see all the parks but don't know how to divide our time. We'll have 5 full days plus from the time we arrive at 2pm and until the time we leave at 5pm (so roughly 6 days total).”

source: express monorail

Hurrah for park hoppers (you guys know how much I love them!), you can practically double your park days by hopping around – and its not as stressful as you’d think! I’ve posted before about the benefits of park hopping tickets over base tickets and I cannot recommend them enough if your budget allows. I’ve only ever been to the parks once with base tickets and although I still had an amazing time, I ached to hop just a little!

So, 6 days, 4 parks and much hopping to be had! How do we make this work? For starters, are you a Walt Disney World Resort guest? If the answer is yes then the first thing you’re going to want to do it make a note of the Extra Magic Hours during your stay. EMH is a brilliant bonus of staying at a Walt Disney World resort as most, if not everyday through the year at least one park will open an hour earlier just for resort guests and another park will stay open for 1 – 3 hours after a park closes during the evening just for resort guests! Not only does this give you ample opportunity to get a few awesome emptier park photopass shots BUT, can you imagine plummeting down Splash Mountain at 1am? Awesome much! Personally I prefer using the early morning extra magic hours to get in my favourite rides, then once the park opens and starts to fill up for the day I can hop elsewhere, knowing I’ll have had a few too many goes on the likes of Expedition Everest or Tower of Terror!

If you’re not staying on Walt Disney World property, I’d suggest getting to one park for opening during the busier seasons, or a hour or two after opening, after all it’s going to be a long day and you don’t want to burn out half way through! The beauty of the park hopper is that you can take a few hours or so in the afternoon to step away from the parks and relax. Head back to your resort for a swim, take in a round of mini golf etc.

So, onto the plan of action! As I said above, make a note of the EMH times, especially the mornings and aim for these parks to be your first stop of the day, especially if you want to experience the likes of Toy Story Mania and Soarin.

Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios are considered half day parks, so your probably only going to spend 2 – 2 ½ days worth of time in these parks. Epcot needs at least 1 – 1 ½ days worth of time. Future World can be done in just over half a day but you really need a full day to experience all that World Showcase has to offer – you can really get lost in some of those exquisite pavilions, especially during the Food and Wine festival – yum!! Magic Kingdom is going to be at least a full days worth of your time, either in one go or split up. I’d highly recommend seeing Wishes at least twice – and with your park hopper you can spend the entire day elsewhere, and then just turn up for the show. Likewise with Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios. Illuminations: Reflections of Earth in Epcot is a must see firework display too! You could (in theory) even spend your day at a non-Disney park and then just head on over for the evening shows, a few rides and a bucket of popcorn!

That’s around 5 full days worth of park activity so what do you do with that last day? How about taking on a four parks – one day challenge? We’ve been doing this since our first visit 10 years ago and it’s become a major tradition! Starting out early we go from park to park taking in a final go on our favourite rides and ending the entire trip at Magic Kingdom to watch Wishes! It also gives you a final chance to get in those last minute Photopass shots before your trip comes to an end!

How do you tour the parks during a short trip?

Until next time,

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Food-views: Rose & Crown

Source: Sam Howzit

Another food-views dining review, this time we’ll be taking a look at Rose & Crown from the UK Pavillion in World Showcase. Enjoy!

  • Location
Located at the heart of the United Kingdom Pavillion in Epcots’ World Showcase, the restaurant is attached to the Rose & Crown pub.

Source: Brian Clark

  • Atmosphere
Much like a traditional country style pub here in the UK, there is a welcoming ‘homely’ feel to the place. Dark wooden furniture, lighter walls and many country stylized graphics, artwork and dinnerware adorning the walls. Everything about is screams cosy countryside, so much so you expect the farmer and his sheepdog to pull up a chair and order a well headed pint at any moment. The bar attached to the restaurant has some brilliant piano entertainment too. They also offer outside dining around the side and back of the building, giving amazing views of the lake.

Top tip: Try and get a reservation around the time of Illuminations and beg for an outside table. You will have a perfect view of the show whilst you dine! If your meal ends just before Illuminations starts, you will be offered access to a viewing area, somewhat exclusive to Rose & Crown guests (until the show starts!).

Source: HarshLight

  • Menu
Traditional fish & chips, a scrumptious Sunday roast with all the trimmings, and good ol’ pie and mash and some of the offerings available. The menu has undergone some major changes over the last few years, so much so that many favorites (such as bangers and mash!) have been removed. They’ve had a habit of removing the tenderloin & fish combination too but seem to keep bringing it back – which is great for me as it’s my favorite choice on the menu! They’ve recently added a chicken curry to the menu too – don’t look so surprised, us Brits can’t get enough of a good curry!

The kids menu has some great British offerings including; bangers and mash, shepherds pie, and fish and chips. I’d like to see a few of those back on the main menu!

Source: HarshLight

Desserts include sticky toffee pudding, cheesecake and lemon custard. A while back they did offer this to-die-for chocolate scotch cake but it’s been off the menu for a while now. I also recall a huge strawberry trifle, which was a family favorite until it vanished too!

Full menu can be found here!

  • Taste
The steak is very good and the fish is on par, if not better at times than that offered at raglan Road in Downtown Disney. It is much better (and better value) than the Harry Ramsdens fish and chip quick service next door too! The chips (aka fries) are thick cut and very much remind me of home. For some reason the tomato sauce tastes better here too!

  • Service
Honestly, I have to say it can be hit or miss. I’ve dined here quite a few times and there has been more than one occasion where we have felt completely forgotten about. I’m not sure if it’s because once the British servers realize they’re serving British guests their attitudes change somewhat, I’ve heard this mentioned around the Disney Community a few times! There are those super star cast members though that really make up for it, we have had some great servers, even ones from near where we live and they always have plenty of questions about back home; mostly to do with the football and Coronation Street!

  • Pricing
When I see a $17 starter on the menu it definatly pushes the place into the higher price range. Mains range from $15 - $30 each, desserts coming in from $6 - $7. Compared to many locations this isn’t too bad, it’s not exactly signature pricing but, if your on a budget I can think of better places to head to for a treat!

  • DDP accepted?
Yes! One of the main reasons we dine here as I’m not sure we’d really want to pay out of pocket for it after past experiences. Just remember that even though your using Disney Dining Plan you still have to pay gratuity of 15% - 18%.

Final thoughts…
I love the steak and the fish, that’s what keeps brining me back to this place. For anyone wanting to experience that traditional British pub feeling, or fancies a bit of nostalgia away from home it’s a must do at least once. I’m not saying it’s going to blow you away, but it’s worth at least one visit! I just wish they’d bring back some of the old menu items!


Until next time,