Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Top 5 Magic Kingdom Traditions!

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 I think it’s safe to say I have a thing about ‘traditions’! So here’s a few of my Magic Kingdom ones.

  1. Emporium
Starting from the bottom of Main Street, I love how you can meander through several shops without even having to officially ‘exit’ another. Much like World of Disney in Downtown Disney, it’s a Disney shopping paradise! And once your done with one row, you can cross the street and do the same down the other side of Main Street!

  1. The Plaza
Come on, you knew food would crop up on this list didn’t you? The most recent tradition added to the list, I cannot, for the foreseeable forever imagine a Walt Disney World holiday without at least one stop at The Plaza! Cheese steakwich followed by the brownies and ice cream…I think I need to run off now and book a reservation!

  1. Haunted Mansion
As far as ‘first ride’ traditions go (can’t you tell there will be a post on that too!?) Haunted Mansion is top of the list. I love the story, official and guest created. I took the Keys to the Kingdom tour a few trips back and we got to go backstage on Haunted Mansion – even the attention to detail and themeing in areas few guests step foot was incredible! It’s also my mums favourite ride (and she doesn’t do many!) so of course we ride it one too many times!

  1. The People Mover
A day at Magic Kingdom is not complete without a complete circuit on the Tommorwland Transit Authoritys people mover! It’s such a great way to relax and you get an amazing view of the inside of Space Mountain. My parents once rode it and the Space Mountain ride was closed off, all the lights on inside, they say it looked incredible – I wish they’d took a picture! It’s amazing how many people over look this little gem!

  1. Carousel of Progress
This probably has to be the one place in the park where the presence of Walt Disney is truly felt. Created for the 1964 World Fair. It’s claimed that this was Walt Disney’s favourite attraction and I can believe that, it’s the only attraction in Walt Disney World that Walt was directly, hands on involved in! I love this attraction and wish more people would take the time to not just experience it, but understand what it’s all about too. (I sense a blog post in the making!)

Of course, there are other ‘must do, my trip is not complete without’ traditions at Magic Kingdom, like watching Wishes as close to the rose gardens as possible, and buying buckets of popcorn just so we can use the bucket for packaging up Christmas ornaments to get them safely home. I might just have to give this list an extended version.2!

How does your Magic Kingdom traditions list look?
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