Monday, 30 April 2012

Merchandise must haves - Star Wars Weekend!

May is almost upon us and that means it can only be time for one thing at Walt Disney World…Star Wars Weekends! My Dad was a major fan of the saga growing up, so it was only natural that he would sit me down when I was young and pop in the ‘Ultimate VHS Collection’!

Release your inner Jedi and master the force on dedicated weekends running from May 18th – June 10th. Shows, panels, special guests, celebrity signings, and presentations, and of course…merchandise! Disney Parks Blog released some great images of the upcoming merchandise for the events this year.

Even though I won't make it in person to the parks to get my little Greedo hands on them, some are going to have to find their way into my posession. I'm in love with the Goofy-Vadar vinylmation and who doesn't want to own a piece of the Death Star? (Ok, so it's a tiny chunk of white plastic in a bubble but  I'm sold!). Not so sold on the lanyards and my interest in trading pins has dwindled somewhat over the last few trips.

The iPhone cover is all kinds of awesome, Darth Donald has always been my favourite Disney/Star Wars crossover creation. Using a Jedi knights lap as a beach towel...thats a different topic for a different kind of blog haha! Now if that was a Han Solo lap beach towel...!

The ewok tee is a must buy for my geek-drobe! I'm really hoping some of these find their way onto the DisneyStore online or ebay...!

I'll admit it, I'm a sucker for a special event and and even bigger one when it comes to even specific merchandise, especially when it's dated and only available during the event. A little voice in my head tells me it'll be a collectors item someday, but mostly, I know I'm just a fool for my fandoms and you can't put a price on that!

Will you be attending Star Wars Weekend? What will buy your instant must buys from the event?

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