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Food-views - The Plaza @ Magic Kingdom

The Plaza is one of my most recent favourite dining locations at Walt Disney World, so to kick off 'Food-views' I thought it was the best place to start! Enjoy, and please, try to refrain from licking, drooling and mauling the blog screen!

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  • Location
Located towards the heart and hub of Magic Kingdom, at the very bottom of Main Street USA, just around the corner to your right next to The Plaza Ice Cream parlour.  Its location is quite discreet with only a small hanging sign above the check-in station; if you were not looking for it you might just miss it. Look out for the bright yellow umbrella tables out front!

  • Atmosphere
Much like Main Street USA, once inside you are transported back to the turn of the century era small American town of Marceline, Missouri. The Victorian themed décor, with its high chandeliers, accented mirrors and art nouveau styling, its classic! I will admit, it feels a bit cramped, The Plaza itself is probably one of the smallest sit down restaurants on property and they have definatly packed in as many seats as possible. During busier seatings, you could almost forget which table you are sat at! Off the main room is a small conservatory which holds about 4 – 5 parties. The conservatory is my favourite section, windowed walls letting in an abundance of light and the perfect view of the Castle.

Top Tip: If you dine later in the evening, try getting a table specifically in the conservatory so you can watch Wishes as you dine!

  • Menu
If you fancy a break from burgers, hot dogs and chicken tenders, The Plaza offer a great selection of fresh deli sandwiches, served with salads and fries. If you really need a burger, though they have at least one on offer! The most popular menu items are the; grilled Reuben, Plaza club, grilled chicken with strawberries and the cheese steak sandwich. All are served on a variety of breads and rolls, including a croissant! They also offer two vegetarian options. As with all other Walt Disney World dining locations, they are very accommodating to those with allergies. Speak your server about your specific issues and usually the chef will come out to discuss what options are available to you.
The kids menu is much more simple, with traditional peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and fun Mickey shaped turkey sandwiches amongst the offerings.

They also do a small, yet mouth watering range of desserts, including scoops from the parlour next door!  Banana split, New York cheesecake and brownie sundae are amongst the offerings.

Drinks are your usual fare, with unlimited refills on soft drinks, iced teas, coffee and hot tea, and waters (still and sparkling). They also offer a kids favourite; Tinker Bell and Buzz Lightyear punch, served with clip on light character!

Full menu can be found here!

  • Taste
I always order the cheese steakwich, a fluffy hoagie roll filled to the brim with shaved beef, grilled with onions, mushrooms, red peppers and white American cheese. To my surprise (and delight), the cheese was not over the top, but just the right amount to bring out the flavour and melt into the beef. There was filling coming out of every angle so you definatly get a very substantial (and filling!) portion. It is served with a side of thick cut fries – the only place I have seen them on Walt Disney World property! They are delicious but I have learnt to go for the sandwich first so I do not fill up on thick fries!

Where do I start with dessert? I can confidently say they have some of the best desserts around. Period. My first choice is always the brownie sundae. Two inch thick triangle slices of moist chocolate brownie, served on a bed of vanilla ice cream, smothered in whipped cream ad topped with a cherry or two! You have no choice but to ooh and ahh with every spoonful!

  • Service
I’ve always found our servers to be attentive, talkative and full of menu recommendations if you’re too overwhelmed with the mouth-watering options. I’ve never felt rushed, even when the place is packed out but I do feel you may wait a little longer for your food compared with other locations. Desserts however always seem to come out pretty fast – try asking them to hold it back for 10 minutes or so whilst you let your meal settle somewhat!

  • Pricing 
$12 to $15 for an entrée, $5 - $8 for a dessert. You might think that’s an over priced sandwich, but trust me, this isn’t just a sandwich! These things are more like party platters, easily sharable between at least two! As a sit down table service location, it comes in at the lower end of the price scale.
The kids menu is a set price of $8.59, for which your kids will get 1 appetizer, 1 entrée, 1 dessert and 1 beverage. I think that could be considered a bargain for a table service location! 

  • DDP accepted?
Yes! The Plaza requires 1 table service location from each party member. Be sure to make an ADR (advance dining reservation) as walk up tables are hard to get, even in the quiet season. We once waited over an hour as a walk up! 

  • Final thoughts...
This was the first time a Cast Member recommended a dining location to us and although we have a very fussy eater in our party, we went ahead with it and have not looked back since. It's so high up on our list of 'must-eats' that it's become our traditional last night Disney meal! I enjoy the change from burgers and pizza and when we get a seat in the airy conservatory it's the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy some delicious Disney dining. 

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Note: more images hopefully coming tomorrow, I'm having issues uploading right now!

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  1. I've only ever been to Disneyland Paris, but reading this post makes me want to pack my bags and head to The Plaza! All that food sounds amazing!!