Sunday, 1 April 2012

Back...with good news!

I’m back!

Ok, so I didn’t exactly go far but I feel awful for neglecting my little blog for over two weeks! I’ve been ill and unable to do much of anything for a while! But all is well now and to celebrate I have a trip announcement!

I’ve been looking for a quick getaway for a few weeks now and nothing was appealing to me, everything just looked like a beach holiday. Short notice on dates and a tighter budget meant options where pretty limited so one thing lead to another (doesn’t it always?) and last night I hit ‘confirm’ for two weeks to Florida in June 2012!

*insert happy dance here!*

I’ll be honest, I hadn’t even thought of pricing it up originally because I was only there November 2011 and already have a family Walt Disney World trip booked for September 2012! The price was too good, and cheaper than many of the European beach style holidays we had been looking at!

Only the FlexTicket Plus includes Busch Gardens

We will not be visiting Walt Disney World, I’ll be spending two weeks on Disney in September so I’ll still be getting my fix! We’ll be doing all the other parks on offer, i.e Universal, Sea World, Busch etc. The weather is going to be hot, hot, hot which I’m happy about as we can spend more time at the water parks!

Pool @ International Palms Resort

Our hotel is on
International Drive
, the International Palms Resort. It’s in an ideal location for us and I’ve heard good things through Trip Advisor.

I’ll be flying Monarch which is a first, their lack of seat back TVs worries me, as we were so spoilt on our last Virgin Atlantic flight in November! I’ll be needing to pack a super flight entertainment survival kit into my hand luggage! (So you can expect a post on that!)

I have already started making plans, noting down things we missed last trip, or things we enjoyed so much we have to do again. With only 68 days to go, there is much planning and packing to be done! I’ve pretty much already bought everything in preparation for the September trip, and already have new clothes that were bought for the previous November trip so that’s all helping to keep the cost down.

Tickets are next on the ‘to-do’ list, as well as renewing my ESTA, travel insurance and getting my hands on some $$$!

I love a surprise trip!

Until next time,

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