Saturday, 3 March 2012

Virtual Kingdoms!

When I'm away from Walt Disney World, you can guarantee that in my head I'm there! Skipping down Main Street, racing ahead on Test Track, plummeting on Tower of Terror, it's easy enough to re-create the images and feeling associated with all of this and more just by using my imagination. 

Of course, the real thing is always best, but I will settle for a substitute Kingdom when I need my 'Disney' fix. I have to now stop typing for a moment and give a very hearty round of applause to YouTube...*claps*...thank you! Through official Disney Parks videos, and peoples personal uploads, from reaction videos to daily video trip reports, I, and many others, can vicariously live out Disney trips through the virtual medium. 

So I thought I'd start sharing some of my favourites here with you and I'll be kicking this segment off with an official Disney Parks video I came across recently which had me smiling the who way through. It's cleverly shot, and as someone who has yet to experience Disney California, it gave me a great opportunity to look into some of the park similarities between both it and Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World!


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