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A healthy WDW holiday?

"So the last time we were at WDW, I got a heat stroke. This led to coming back to the hotel and having the chills non stop for 2 hours and eventually ended in getting the flu...all before the end of my trip...blah! Sooo my question is this; what do you do to make sure stuff like that doesn't happen to you?"  source

You’re on a magical Disney holiday, the last thing you want to be concerned about is getting your five portions of fruit and veg each day, 30 minutes cardiovascular exercise, 8+ pints of water and not over indulging on all the in-park snacks that taste so good yet you know are so bad for your health!

I hear you! It can be hard enough keeping up this routine at home, when I’m on holiday I want to relax, enjoy myself and indulge a little more than I know is good for me. However…keeping some semblance of a balanced, healthy lifestyle at Walt Disney World, in my opinion, is important. I’m not saying you should hit the resort gym every morning before heading out to your buffet breakfast which just happens to serve delicious doughnut middles at 7am…but there are a few small steps you can take to ensure that you don’t come back feeling less than refreshed!

On our 2010 Walt Disney World trip, I started to feel ill one afternoon. Nauseas, faint, just not right, it wasn’t fun at all! In the end, I headed back to the hotel and had to lie down. We had a reservation booked for Mickeys Backyard BBQ that night which I was just too ill to attend. After a few hours of sleeping and vomiting I finally started to pick up, but had still missed the reservation. The problem? I hadn’t taken enough fluids for a few days and it finally caught up with me, which resulted in missing out on practically a full day and a meal! Lesson well learnt!

Keeping healthy on a Walt Disney World holiday!

  • Water, water and more water. Learn from the story above and keep your fluid intake up (sorry this doesn’t include fluids from the ‘drinking around the world’ challenge at Epcot!) You need at least 8 pints of water on a normal day, so on a day spent racing around the parks, especially in the hotter months, you really need to up your water intake. It doesn’t have to cost you the earth either! Buy a refillable bottle and fill from the water fountains (some are much colder than others, you just have to find them!). Anywhere serving drinks will also provide you with a free cup of ice if you ask.

  • Feeling fruity? Almost all of the buffets, breakfast, lunch and dinner, all have fruit available, so stock up and get a few portions down you! Every park also has a few fruity snack stands with cold grapes, oranges, watermelon etc. To save some $$$, consider heading off site to a supermarket (Walmart, Publix etc) and buying bulk of your favorite fruits, they’ll keep for a few days in your in-room fridge (if you’ve got one!)

  • Keep fizzy and alcoholic drinks to a minimum. I try and only have them with meals, particularly the evening meals! Alcohol especially dehydrates you much faster, so have a glass of water in between each alcoholic beverage.

  • You’re already getting a lot of exercise walking around the parks all day, but never under estimate the benefits of a few lengths of the resort pool at night. Not only will this help burn off that extra Mickey waffle, it’s also great for stretching out tired limbs and relaxing your muscles.

  • Portion control – you don’t always have to clear your plate! Once your full, stop! If you’ve much left over on your plate, ask your server to box it up for you to take away! There’s no point stuffing yourself. Also, consider sharing portions if you are only feeling a little peckish! Ordering a double bacon cheeseburger with fries and an extra bun is more than enough for a lighter lunch!  

  • Go veggie for a day! Just give it a try! If you’re eating a lot of meat based dishes daily, it might be worth just have one or two days during you’re holiday which you go veggie for. It’s surprising how refreshing this change can be!

The list could go on, but there’s just a few of the more basic ones to get you started!

Great resources for more tips and advice on staying healthy at Walt Disney World; Healthy Disney Blog, and a great post over at Passporter!

How do you stay fit and healthy during a Walt Disney World holiday?

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