Saturday, 10 March 2012

Dishing it out!

"When dining out do the restaurants object if you want to share a meal? We've got a 6 yr old and she'll happily have some of ours, (especially if the portions are big). We also have a 10 yr old, and the same could apply"(source)

 Portions over in the USA are definatly bigger than what we're used to over here in the UK, so it's not uncommon to find a few over stuffed brits abroad struggling with the portions! I even find that some of the kids meal portions are a little on the large side too!

Disney are very open to the idea of meal sharing. Of course, they don't advertise it, they'd much rather you buy 4 full meals and leave leftovers than only buy 2. Here are a few tips on meal sharing to lighten up your lunches!
Some things are too good to share!

  1. Plate up! - Sit down locations will give you any additional plates you need. This makes sharing a meal less 'obvious' as everyone can have theie own plate with their own share of the food on. Your servers will not question four people ordering two mains and two extra plates.
  2. Double the bun! - I find burgers in America to be delicious but heavy and stodgy so a great tip is to order an extra bun with your double bacon cheeseburger. You can put the second burger patti on the additional bun and share the fries and condiments. This makes for a lighter, yet still super tasty lunch!
  3. Grub to go! - If you have a substantial amount of left overs ask your server to box it up for you to take away. This will make a great supper or can be warmed up the next day for lunch. 
  4. Main starters! - If you, or another member of your party is just looking for something light, you can always order a starter as their main meal, just be sure to let you waiter know you want all meals ordered brought out at the same time! Sharing starters is also a great idea!
  5. Age? - There is no age limit on who can share a meal, so if your daughter is 3 or 30, you can still share a meal. However, if you are an adult ordering a meal from the kids menu, then you may be charged an 'adult' price (though how they work this out I'm not sure!)

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