Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The wheels on the bus...

The Walt Disney World bus service is impressive if you ask me. I’m not one for being fascinated by transport, I only watch Top Gear for the gags! But there is something about it’s size and efficiency that really intrigues me. I’ve never often stopped to think about the busses, after all I am used to just having them turn up and take me to and from the parks! Have a look at some of the facts I’ve found out, after this little investigation I’m already more appreciative of the free transport Disney put on for it’s guests!

·        Walt Disney World runs over 230 busses, with just over 1000 drivers employed to operate them.
·        Each WDW bus covers around 52,000 miles a year. That’s around 12 million miles all together!
·        Each bus covers enough miles to go around the world at the equator twice!
·        The majority of busses run from point A to point B without the need to transfer, resulting in an average 20minute wait between busses.
·        There are over 300 lane miles of road that the busses travel along each day.
·        The oldest busses in service are the RTS-04, most noticeable by their orange interior.
·        That infamous purple interior came into use around 1996.
·        Ever seen a Disney bus being towed? Me either. When a bus breaks down, a service vehicle is dispatched to the site, carrying all the tools the mechanics need for minor to major repairs.
·        Busses start running 60 – 90 minutes before a park opens, providing for guests with early morning in park reservations.

Just give it some thought the next time you board!

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