Monday, 27 February 2012

Undiscovered Magic - Streetmosphere!

During your Walt Disney World holiday, be it your first or just one of many, it's still easy to plan only for what's in front of you on the park maps and times guides. Over the years I have noticed so many magical moments and experiences around the parks off the regular track and not mentioned on the maps. I thought this could make a great little feature here at Saloca in Wonderland. There's more to Disney than parks, parades, shows and turkey legs after all!

Street Entertainers at Disneys' Hollywood Studios.

It's surprising how many people I speak to who have never noticed the street entertainers who pop up around the Sunset Boulevard area of Hollywood Studios! During the day, several times, different groups will appear from backstage, colourful charismatic characters who are wired to cause mischief and mayhem as they go about their show business!

I have to give it to the Cast Members who are a part of these shows, they are so quick witted and fire back unscripted lines to partaking guests. Strolling out of attractions and shops, you never know what 'stars' you will bump into (or who will bump into you!) These performers bring about all the glitz and glamour that was Hollywood in the 1930s - 1940s, the vintage tinsel town. Their goal is to encance the atmosphere of the park and really emerge you into that old Hollywood atmosphere, giving their show the overall title of 'streetmosphere'. (They've also been known to take the streetmosphere to the windows above the stores along Sunset Boulevard!).

The Citizens of Hollywood include starlets, wannabes, directors, journalists, tinsel town stars and more. Step into their world for some guaranteed fun, gags and classic chaos. With such a large cast and many different guests, no two performances are the same!

Have you had any interaction with the Citizens of Hollywood?

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