Friday, 10 February 2012

Top 5 Reasons I Love Animal Kingdom Lodge

We all have our favorite resorts at Walt Disney World for a variety of different reasons. There's always that one special place that you find yourself returning to time and time again. Animal Kingdom Lodge is that place for me, so I thought I'd use today’s top 5 blog to give you just a few reasons why!

 1. Theme

Light fixture in Jambo House lobby

From the minute you arrive, you're no longer in Orlando Florida, you're not in Walt Disney World, you're not even in the USA, your transported to Africa, wandering the wooden floored, thatched roof game lodge in the middle of a Savannah. From the authentic trinkets and treasures, to the tribal masks, baobab trees and rich, lush foliage along every walkway - you're on an adventure!

2. Savannahs
View from our room in 2010 - So many animals all of the time!
Bongos, giraffes, wildebeest, zebra, gazelles and more, all just a short walk away, some even on the edge of your rooms’ balcony! Watching the animals wander about, eat and play is such a unique experience every time you look. There's nothing more relaxing that sitting back in a rocking chair, hot chocolate in hand, and observing a mother and baby giraffe wander the savannah, or see a heard of wildebeest on the move.

3. Uzima pool
Map of the centre of the hotel - outside.
Located in the heart of the resort, the Uzima pool is a large, zero depth entry pool that offers you the perfect spot to have a little fun in the sun away from the parks, or to wind down after a long day of play. You get a great view of the hotel and are a stones throw away from the savannahs, so close you can hear the animals. The slide might not be anything spectacular, but it doesn't need to be. With such a buzz in the air, the atmosphere is wonderful!

4. Authentic Africa
One of the many 'info' boards along the corridors
In a way, you can feel as though you are in a rich, historical museum as you wander about the lodge. Filled with artifacts, statues, carvings, artwork, rugs and more, all created and brought over from Africa. The Lodge is filled with culture and history, taking you on a vibrant journey around it's home land. You can also experience some authentic African foods and flavors at the hotels restaurants and quick service (be sure to try the African Stew!)

5. Smell
Did you expect to see that come up on the list? I don't know what it is (and if it's some sort of animal by product please don't tell me!) but from the minute you step off your coach a smell that can only be found here at the lodge hits you. Everywhere you go in the Lodge you can smell it. It's not the food, the floor polish or (hopefully!) not the animals. It's something unique, something that triggers you brain to recall all the reasons why you love this place so much. Nowhere else have I found this smell except here, and when I smell it, I know I'm truly home!

What resort has a special place in your heart and why?

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