Friday, 3 February 2012

Top 5 Last Night Traditions

In response to last weeks Friday 5, this week I'll be looking at my top 5 last night traditions of a Walt Disney World holiday! Now, we don't want to be looking at the end before we've even started, but I'm all about getting as much out of my time at WDW as possible! That last night is the opportune moment to squeeze out those last few moments of magic to take home with you the next day.

1. Four Parks - One day!
Ok, so this is more of a lasy day thing (and I'll be going into more detail on this at a later date!) but if you have a park hopper, then hop till you can hop no more! I love hitting all the parks on the last day, heading for my favourite rides for one last go and picking up and last minute souvenirs! It also leads on nicely to my next tradition...

2. Flash-Photopass!
As we hop, we snap up as many photopass shots as we can. As we tend to pre-order the photopass CD, we want to get as many photos of our holiday on there as possible. Group shots, singles shots, posing shots and 'special' shots. Everytime we see a photographer we jump in the queue! It's a great way to bulk up your photo cd, especially if you have spent a few days off-site!

3. Last supper!
I love picking out of favourite meal of the holiday and making an advanced dinner reservation for the last night. When you’ve enjoyed something so much, you just have to go back one last time. Usually it’s pretty hard to choose because we have so many great meals at WDW, but there will always be one that stands out just that bit extra! Chances are, you’ll already know what you’ll be ordering without even having to look at the menu! Making the ADR also means it is easier to plan your day around the meal, so you’re not left hanging around wasting precious park time trying to get a walk up booking!

4. Wishes
What better send off could you ask for than watching Wishes at Magic Kingdom? It is, without question, my favourite show of all time and I shed a little tear every time I stand and watch! I’m also betting that any other time you may have watched it during the holiday; you will have had a camera in your hand? Use this last night to watch it with your own eyes, not the LCD camera screen and really experience it! Take your time strolling down
Main Street
after the show, grab a cookie from the bakery, wander through The Emporium and catch the goodnight kiss from the top of the castle before you leave!

5. Door-shot!
Every family has their own quirky traditions and this is one of ours. Ever since I was a little girl, every new school year brought with it a new uniform, and so I had to have my photo taken on the first day of term in front of the living room door. This became customary for any and all special occasions and eventually found its way into our holiday traditions too! Suitcases packed and the room door shut for the last time, we take it in turns to have out photo taken in front of the door, trying to get the room number in view too! It looks great in the scrapbooks and is an ideal way of recalling a specific room if you are looking to make a room request for future visits!

Do you have any last night traditions?

Until next time,

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