Monday, 20 February 2012

Rainy Days


"So you are at WDW with your family on vacation and one of the days you are there it rains (tropical downpours) most of the day. What do you do for fun?" 

I’m in a park…

Hopefully, I’ll be in Epcot if it rains as there is so much more to do indoors, such as exploring Innovations or stopping by Character Connection. MouseGear is also one of my favourite stores on property so I could easily fill the time! The Coco Cola stop would also be a great idea, a refreshing Beverly anyone?

Magic Kingdom, I’d probably head for Fantasyland as the majority of lines and queues are indoors. Or, wander up and down Main Street through the stores (they all connect on the inside so no need to leave until you need to cross over!)

Hollywood Studios I’d probably head for One Mans Dream. Tower of Terror and Rock n Roller are both indoors but everyone seems to dive in more so when it’s wet out!

Animal Kingdom, if you’ve got your ponchos already on, or have already had a good soaking, now’s the perfect time to jump on Kali River Rapids, much more fun when you don’t care about getting wet!

I’m not in a park…

Hanging around the hotel is more fun than you might think, especially as I’m usually staying onsite at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Wandering about and exploring the lobby, chilling out in the resort bar, or just kicking back on my balcony is perfectly relaxing. If I really want to get out and about, I’ll head for Downtown Disney and get my shop on! Darting from store to store, or catching a film at the AMC!

How do you like spending rainy days?

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