Sunday, 26 February 2012

Noteworthy Notes!

"If you could tell a newbie just one thing that they had to be sure and pack for their Disney trip, what would it be?"

When you're looking at your packing list, there are several must pack items that you can't leave home without;

  • Comfortable, well worn in shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • First Aid kit (including bite relief, antihistamines, painkillers etc)
  • Phone and camera chargers (or spare batteries)

And so the list could go on! But when asked the above question, I wanted to try and come up with something a little less obvious than a zip-lock bag or an extra pair of I took a look at my own packing list and came up with...*drum roll*

A notebook!  (plus a writing tool of your choice)

There is something very 'determined' and 'official' I think about writing things down physically and keeping a small notebook handy has always been really helpful on trips to Walt Disney World!

If you're wanting to write a trip report upon your inevitable return home, you can jot down highlights, reviews, suggestions etc, as you go, those little memories that you always forget once you get home. With it all set in 'stone' you have a great resource for filling in the blanks once you are home!

I love shopping whilst I'm at WDW, but over the years I have often seen a 'must have' item - then failed to find it ever again! Noting down what park and shop I found it originally, I have a specific location to head towards. A few trips back I found a purse in a little shop in Hollywood Studios which I decided to buy on the last day of the trip. Could I find that purse anywhere else on property? Nope! Downtown Disney? Resort gift shop? The Emporium? They all epically failed me! It took much running around and brain racking to finally find my way back to the shop in Hollywood Studios and get my hands on the purse! I could have saved a lot of time and effort if I had just wrote it down in the first place!

Something specific you want to do on another day of your trip? It's worth jotting it down just in-case you forget the next time you're back in that park! 

The uses of a little pocket book are endless, from to-do lists, memories, shopping lists, even keeping you busy in long lines etc or passing your contact details along - if you go without one, you'll find so many occasions calling for one!

What's your less than obvious must pack item?

Until next time,

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