Saturday, 25 February 2012

Left, left and left again!

I was asked recently about what my top tips would be for a first timer at WDW. Sure, making ADR's, scouting out the perfect parade/fireworks spot and understanding the fast-pass system are all golden pieces of advice, but settling on just one ultimate tip? That's a tough one (and a little impossible if you ask me!)

So I got my thinking cap on and looked back over all my past trips, wondering about the tips, tricks and advice I've learnt over the years. What's the one thing I've learnt that I always stick to every single trip? Every time I enter a park? Surprisingly, something did come to mind! It's actually a pretty 'recent' tip I picked up from a long serving Cast Member in Magic Kingdom who said if he could only give a guest one piece of planning / park touring advice, this would be it;

"Always go left"

You're scratching your head now, huh? Let me explain...

Do some guest-watching the next time you're at Magic Kingdom, or any other park for that matter, at rope drop. Take a step back and just observe their behaviour, how the majority all seem to move in the same direction, they move towards the right. There are probably some very fancy scientific studies about this, something to do with the right side of the brain, or being right handed etc, but it's true. The majority of the crowd (ok, Toy Story Mania might be the exception to this rule as it's on the left of the park!) all start their day on the right side of the parks!

If you stand at the bottom of Main Street USA facing the Partners statue, look left at the Adventureland entrance way, then look right at Tomorrowlands' bridge. Notice anything? The Tomorrowland bridge is significantly wider than the Adventureland bridge, purposefully so as to handle the large number of guests moving in that direction during the earlier hours of the day! 

By starting your day on the left side of the park, the crowds that went right to begin with will have gradually thinned out as you begin to make your way over to that side. So you'll get more rides in earlier in the day,and have little to no wait once you make your way to the other side of the park!
Now of course, during the busy season and on some special event days this plan is flawed, but during the general 'I can still see the floor' season, it's worked a treat for us!

Give it a go next time you're at WDW and see for yourself!

What's the best tip you would give a first timer to WDW?

Until next time, 

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