Sunday, 19 February 2012

Getting Fit for Florida!

One of my main resolutions this year was to really (and finally!) improve my fitness.  I’d never really say I’ve struggled getting around the parks, making mad dashes to Toy Story Mania or standing in line for over an hour to ride Soarin. However, I think if I was to improve my fitness, I’d definatly have more energy during the trips and probably get to the Toy Story Mania fastpass machine before all the morning passes are gone!
Whenever there’s a trip on the horizon, Disney or otherwise, I always say I’ll start early, far enough out so that when the time to fly out comes, I’m in tip top shape and good to go…so of course, this never happens! Starting a week or so before take off has little to no effect at all!

So this year (217 days to go!) I’ve started early! I wouldn’t say I’m making and drastic lifestyle changes, but, I have signed up for an annual swim pass and am making a more conscious effort to get a few extra steps in each day. I am already feeling better for it, so fingers crossed that by time the trip comes around I will be feeling 100 times fitter than I do now!  

My problem in the past has always been perseverance, so here’s hoping I can make it stick this time! Though a Disney-incentive makes everything more promising!

Do you have a get fit for Florida plan you implement pre-trip?

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