Wednesday, 22 February 2012

10/10 oh my, oh my!


If you can’t see the floor, that’s when Disney say it’s a ‘busy’ day! Over the next couple of weeks, WDW is going to get a little…’busy’. Crowd levels will be at level 10 from early March to mid April due to Spring Break and Easter. Next to Christmas, this is probably the busiest time to visit WDW! So if you’re booked, packed and ready to go, here are a few quick tips to help you manage and/or survive the crowds!

  1. Accommodation
If you’re doing more Disney than not on your holiday, I’d opt to stay at a WDW resort. The reason? Extra Magic Hours! The morning ones especially are going to give you the best chance of riding the big attractions without having to brave the 180+ minute queue time later in the day. Hit the parks early then retreat back to the resort for some pool lounging or Downtown Disney for some shopping!

  1. Fastpass
First timers should get to know the system before they go, then use FPs as much and as often as possible!

  1. Advance Dining Reservations
Hopefully you’ll have made the majority of these 180 days out from your trip, if not, it’s still not too late! Making an ADR secures you a table (if available) at your chosen table service restaurant, as walk ups during this time period will be either impossible to get or you’ll sit around so long waiting for that beeper to go off you’ll end up gnawing on a turkey leg!

  1. Stop
You may think it should be all go, go, go on these trips but remember to stop a while, grab a bench on Main Street and just relax, take in the atmosphere and the sounds going on around you. Spend a day at the pool soaking up the Vitamin D, sipping on glow-tinis and snacking on Zebra Domes. Just because the crowds are charging forwards doesn’t mean you have to be pulled along!

How do you survive the busier days at WDW?

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