Friday, 27 January 2012

Top 5 First Night Traditions!

After a 14 hour trip, from the UK to our check in desk at the hotel, you'd think we'd like nothing better than falling into bed and dreaming of the weeks ahead of us. Well, you'd be half right, we do look forward to that, but we have a few other traditions we have to go through before we can crawl under those sheets!

Everyone has their own way of spending their first night at Walt Disney World! If you're looking for some ideas for your first night, have a look at our top 5 first night traditions! 

1. Refillable Mug + Sprite!
As a resort guest you can purchase ($14.95 + tax) a refillable mug, valid for unlimited drink refills at your resorts food court from the day you check in till the day you check out! These plastic mugs are fantastic for both hot and cold drinks, and make great keepsakes once you get home. As soon as we've purchased them, the first drink has to be a refreshing Sprite! It never tastes as good anywhere else!

2. Pizza - the biggest you've got!
After hours of plane food and picking at mini pretzels, nothing beats a piping hot cheesy pizza! Either in the food court or back in our room perched on the balcony, we devour every slice (one pizza between 4 of us), after all, calories don't count in Disney! We're in for two weeks of treats so lets start as we mean to go on!

3. Just keep swimming!
No matter how much bigger they say that seat pitch is in economy, you still end up feeling crinkled and cramped after a 9 hour flight - even if you do dance up and down the aisles every hour or so! Swimming gear packed on the top of our cases, grab, go, jump in! It's a great way (time of year permitting) to really stretch out those muscles and relax (though I suggest you eat the pizza after the swim!).

4. Jacuzzi
Much like the swimming, hitting the hot tub for a jet propelled massage really helps to loosen up those travel knots and prepare you for two weeks of sheer bliss and relaxation. Always heated, it's the perfect way to get ready for a well deserved slumber!

5. Mousekeeping art appreciation!
Mousekeeping are a creative bunch, after folding your toilet roll in that way you can never quite manage to copy cat at home, they then go an get all art attack with the towels too! We love that moment when we walk into the hotel room for the first time and see what creations they have come up with! It's a magical little touch that lets you know you've arrived at a magical resort!

What are your top first night traditions?

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