Monday, 18 September 2017

Gino D’Acampo - My Restaurant - Liverpool

ginos my restaurant liverpool review

Every now and again I get a little too excited about new restaurants and bars opening up around the city and as soon as the billboard for Gino’s place went up, the countdown to the opening began! Restaurant, Prosecco bar, deli, open kitchen, Summer terrace, private dining rooms and a members games room with it’s own cocktail bar, is there anything this place doesn’t have to offer the city of Liverpool?

ginos my restaurant liverpool review

I headed along with some of my favourite faces, Jackie, Hollie and Antonia, to check out exactly what Gino was brining to our fair city and of course, hit up that Prosecco bar…oh, and try the food! (Priorities eh?). 

ginos my restaurant liverpool review

After being handed a lovely glass of bubbles on the door - something they do for every guest who walks in - we headed down into the underbelly of the Grade II Listed former HSBC bank, into the old vaults to be exact, into what has been renovated and named The Bullion Room, one of their signature private dining spaces. The Bullion Room is a real crowd pleaser, able to seat and cater for 30 - 35 people, with no booking deposit, it offers some seriously secluded and seriously fun dining experiences. The first half of the room is the members games room, with pool tables, fussball, table tennis and pinball, the second, behind the old vault gates, is the dining room with it’s own bar. 

With much talking, mingling, picture taking and a special message from our lad Gino to get the night going, we moved on to the first order of business, the prosecco tasting. Boasting one of the most extensive prosecco bars in the city, they sure know how to get a night in Liverpool started. There really is something for everyone when it comes to Prosecco, and I couldn’t believe how many different varieties they had on offer - I didn’t even think Prosecco went beyond a white or a rose version! With varying price points there’s a bubbly for everyone!

ginos my restaurant liverpool review

As we slurped sipped our bubbles, we nibbled on a Fantastico sharing platter, a collection of parma ham, salami napoli, buffalo ricotta, sun dried tomatos, breads and more. The various cured hams and salami were by far my favourites, all sourced from Italy itself, I genuinely felt like I was slipping into holiday mode! 

We were then treated to a wine master class with food pairings from their new Autumn menu (coming very soon). I don’t know about you but my wine knowledge goes like this - red with steak, white with everything else, rose if I have no choice…end. Turns out, theres a great big wonderful world of wines out there and you really can taste the difference between the regions (yup, all those places and numbers on the bottles actually mean something!). I also learned, the hard way, that there is a reason you’re not supposed to try and finish every glass they put in-front of you during a tasting session….

ginos my restaurant liverpool review

As for the food, this is what I had been waiting to get stuck into! We started off with Arancine of crispy mushroom risotto balls, buffalo mozzarella, tomato and red pepper sauce. Mmm. MMM. Perfectly moorish morsels that I could have eaten by the truck load. 

ginos my restaurant liverpool review

The Real Neapolitan Pizza, topped with Italian sausage, friarielli, buffalo mozzarella and chilli. The friarielli looked and tasted like a richer spinach and as pizza goes, well, the Italians really know how to do it best!

ginos my restaurant liverpool review

Linguine with fresh crab, with chilli and lemon zest. I’m not really a huge seafood fan but this was just delicious, like really really I’m-not-sharing-this-with-anyone delicious. I made sure I kept that plate nearby! 

ginos my restaurant liverpool review

Risotto with Italian Sausage and Spicy ‘Nduja with radicchio, peas, white wine and pecorino cheese. Officially, I can never cook risotto again because it will never taste as good as this did! Every mouthful was packed with flavour, it was super creamy and went down a treat. 

Honestly, when I go back (because DUH, how could I not?) I have no idea what I will order. it was all just so so good. Sometimes I worry about these famous chef places, I worry the food won’t live up to the calibre of the chef and you’ll pay over the odds for sub-parr pasta with a celebrity name attached to it. There is nothing sub-par here! You will easily believe that you have stepped off the streets of Liverpool and straight under the sun of Naples. The flavours, the service, there is nothing this place doesn’t offer or can’t cater for!

Huge thank you to Gino’s for having me and I can’t wait to come back!

ginos my restaurant liverpool review

Have you checked out a Gino’s restaurant yet?

Until next time, 


Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Currently Watching #9

netflix binge ideas

It’s finally happening, the nights are getting darker, the leaves crunchier and the need for an extra layer or two is swiftly upon us. As much as I love being out in the Autumn/Winter, I can’t deny I love the hibernation it brings too. And with hibernation comes the need for entertainment and so, here’s what I’ve been currently watching to get my hibernation going!

Great British Bake Off v2.0

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting to actually like the new show but, well, it’s not all that new is it? Nothing bar the presenters have changed and the bakers, as always, have thawed my would-be frozen heart. It’s exactly like watching this original BBC version only the ad breaks are annoying - but at least we can pee/make a brew during the bake off now!

Narcos season 3

Ah I loved season 2 so much I didn’t realise I hadn’t even finished it! Oops! But we did last night so now it’s straight on to season 3! I’ve loved the show so far so can’t wait to see where the post-Pablo tale takes us next!

Reign season 2

I feel like I’ve mentioned this young and trendy period drama already but it took me a while to work through season 1. It’s brilliant background TV and such an easy watch, with the odd storyline really pulling me in. I also love the soundtrack, especially when they re-do a modern song with a period twist. If nothing else, every dress our lovely Mary wears is beyond swoon worthy, oh to have access to that wardrobe department!

The Prestige

I cannot, CANNOT believe I have never seen this film before! Like, why didn’t anyone tell me how bloody amazing it is? Not only is it a fabulous cast but it had a storyline that had me completely enthralled from start to finish (I didn’t scroll through my phone once!). And Bowie as Tesla?! Who kept this is a secret from me for so long? Naughty!

The Defenders

Must admit, I didn’t think I was going to like this one. Out of all the main cast, Daredevil is the only reason I wanted to watch it! But I’ve got to admit, it kept me entertained and it turned out pretty good. Iron Fist does my head in, that has yet to change and Luke Cage was more annoying than I remember but for Daredevil and even Jessica Jones, it’s well worth a watch!

The Other Boelyn Girl

An oldie but a goodie, this popped up on my recommended and I had to give it a re-watch. The book is by far one of my favourites by Phillipa Gregory (and better than the film adaptation IMO) but the film is an easy watch. Everything moved a bit quick and it’s much less focused on Henry/Anne which is a nice change from the tales usually told around this time period. Another brilliant cast too!


If there’s a show I seriously binged on recently, Outlander season 2 was it. As much as I loved season 1, season 2 just had be spellbound and on the edge of my seat. I don’t think I’ve loved a fictional couple as much as I love Jamie and Claire and with season 3 getting ready to start, I genuinely cannot imagine what terrors and tortures our beloved time-parted lovers are going to face! Another can’t scroll through my phone when watching tv-show!

American Horror Story - Cult

I am terrified. Genuinely, hand on heart terrified of the new season, and no, that’s not of Evan’s blue silly string hair. It has taken me a lifetime to get over my fear of clowns and suffice to say, it’s took less than an hour for that fear to come right on back! There are not enough lights I can put on that makes this any more of a comfortable watch right now! 

What have you been watching from under the covers?

Until next time,

Monday, 11 September 2017

7 Things to expect at your first wedding fair

what to expect at a wedding fair

This past weekend saw Saloca head off into Wedding-land, taking my Mum along to our first wedding fair. So far, I’ve not done any planning outside of Pinterest and let’s be honest, aren’t wedding fairs just Pinterest IRL? 

I had zero idea of what to expect, but I was excited, I had my free bride ticket in one hand and the other was waiting for the prosecco! If, like me, you’re a bride-to-be (or day dreaming about your own someday-big-day) with zero idea about what to expect with your first soiree into the wedding world, here’s 7 things you can expect at your first wedding fair!

Information overload

Every single stall we even blinked next too gave us things. Tote bags, price lists, brochures, information packs, mailing lists, pens, cookies (those where my favourite stands FYI). I expected to pick up a couple of bits but, wow, pretty sure I dragged half a forest of supplies home with me! There are clearly things I should have said no to but at the time, everything was pink and sparkly and screamed wedding, I got a little carried a way! Make sure you take a bag as only one stall had a tote bag for us to put things into, and feel free to say no!

Question time

The ladies and gents working these stalls do this for a living and chances are, this is your first time stepping into the wonderful world of weddings. They know exactly what to ask, I actually ended up feeling a little bad for not having all the answers for them. The more information you can give them, the more accurate a price you can discuss. That being said, turn it around and use their industry knowledge to your advantage. I started telling vendors that I was a newbie bride with no clue, some were genuinely so lovely, and helpful, the sales pitch long forgotten and tips and tricks being shared. Some, not so helpful, but in those cases, take the free Haribo and run!

Don’t judge a bride by their coat

One vendor, who shall not be named, almost broke my little bridal heart. There’s a local venue I have been desperate to check out, it’s a complete in my wildest dreams venue, a million miles out of my budget, but hey, a bride can dream can’t she? We made a beeline for their stand only to be met with an immediate attitude, a long, slow, judgemental look up and down and, “You do know our packages start from…” as a greeting. Kill these people with kindness, then proceed to bitch about them with other vendors, this made us feel much better! 

Take advantage of the services on offer on the day

Hands down, the highlight of the afternoon had to be getting my engagement ring cleaned as we discussed wedding bands with a vendor. It’s only been two months since it came out of the box but the difference was amazing! It’s back to being extra sparkly and even more eye catching! So many vendors were offering services, from taste tests to brow shaping and filling, ring cleaning and more. Take advantage and make the most of what they’re offering! 

what to expect at a wedding fair

Set up a folder or separate email address

You will sign up for a million and one mailing lists on the day, so be prepared to be inundated with emails from vendors making enquiries and passing on additional information. I’ve set up a separate folder on my emails to put these into, but with hindsight, I wish I had set up an entirely new email address - I know for a fact I put my email down for things I’m not interested in. If there’s any information you want specific to your wedding, ask them to send it on! We mentioned a venue to one photographer who said he had photographed there but had no work with him to show, so I asked him if he could send along some shots from the venue. Venues are going to be selective with the images they display, so if you can find a photographer who has worked that particular place, ask to see as many images as possible! 

Take a break

Not only are you on your feet for hours, carting around brochures and price lists, but your head is bound to be battered with more unanswered questions and new ideas. Take a break! Step outside the venue if you can, making sure to ask how to get back in, you might need a handstamp or wristband. Go away, discuss, then head back in for round two. You might have had an epiphany over a brew and realise theres something you forgot to ask a vendor your really interested in. Now’s your chance to head back in and chat with them.

Pick and choose

Don’t feel as though you have to stop at every stall. If there’s a venue miles out of your area, or you already have your dress, save yourself some time and just hit up the stands that have what your looking for. I’m pretty sure we won’t need wedding cars, so I didn’t bother getting any information this time around, and I won’t be having an ice sculpture so just kept walking. Not only do you not want to waste your time, or the vendors time, but other brides and grooms time too. If a vendor was chatting I kept walking and made a point of going back when they were free. 

what to expect at a wedding fair

Have you been to a wedding fair yet? How did you find it? 

Until next time, 

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