Wednesday, 28 June 2017

You’re an Organised GODDESS - now what?

how to stay organised

When I recently talked about going from an organised mess to an organised goddess, it suddenly dawned on me that getting organised was the easy part but staying organised? That’s a whole different ball game!

I don’t know about you but I always feel like an absolute boss when I get on top of everything. Organised workspaces, cleared out drawers, clean make-up brushes and a to-do list with very little left on it. I could seriously go up against any and all evils and not even break a nail at this point. But then, as it always goes, I slip, I slide, the to-do list gets longer, the drawers struggle to close and workspace? What workspace? I can’t find it for clutter and washing. And so I feel bad. A fallen goddess with chipped nails and all. 

Sound familiar?

So here’s a couple of ways I try to stay on-top of everything and hand on to my Goddess-ness for a little while longer.

Put it away

Anyone else remember their mum telling them this one? Once you’re done using something - put it away. I am the worst for leaving a face cream out on the side instead of taking that split second to put it back in the drawer. Or making a brew and leaving the box of tea-bags out on the side? I tell myself, ‘oh I’ll pop it away when I bring my mug back to the sink’ yet the mug is long washed and the tea bags are still sitting there. Just put it away as soon as you’re done with it. Put your brush back in the pot, the lid back on your eye cream, the tea towel back on the rack. 

The 15 minute pick up

First thing in the morning and last thing at night, I do the quickest of pick-ups. Dishes, clothes, odds and sods laying around, I quickly pick them up and put them away. It can be done in less than 15 minutes and I swear, I sleep better at night! Even if you don’t manage to get things away, just put them in the room where they live and put them away next time around. 

Tiny to-do lists

I’ve been playing around with bullet journalling lately and I’ve found giving myself a smaller space for to-do lists means I only have the space for the most pressing or important tasks. I can get no more than 5 things on my daily to-do list now so it stops me fussing over the little things and only getting on with the bigger things that need doing. I’m more likely to tackle a to-do list of 5 things than one of 50+!

How do you keep on top of everything? Any tips to share?

Until next time, 

Monday, 26 June 2017

British Style Collective - Ticket Giveaway!

british style collective liverpool

Back in secondary school, I picked Textiles as one of my GCSE options. Granted, all I can really remember is how to sew a button onto a shirt, one thing I do remember is our day out to the Clothes Show

The Clothes Show was pretty much always held in the NEC Birmingham. I remember spending the days before trying to pick out something stylish to wear, but back in the days when I lived in jeans and New Look slogan tees and Sketchers, well, stylish didn’t exactly come to mind. We all piled into a mini-bus early in the morning and headed to Birmingham.

The entire convention space was full of runways, catwalks, models, make-up brands set up doing demos, nail bars with deals on for the day, I remember a crimping station and girls being cornered in a stall to have head shots taken in a bid for being discovered on the day. I remember everything being very pink and after perusing a nail stall and getting chatting with the sales girl, she had me convinced she would do my nails for free…only when I sat down she did one nail and sent me on my way.

My how things have changed over the years!

The Clothes Show has restyled itself as the British Style Collective. With a city wide style take over planned across the city, Liverpool will play host this year to a show that’s going to set your selfie on fire!

The Exhibition centre down at the Echo Arena will play host to the shopping hall, where shopping till you drop is not an option, it is inevitable. From top hughstreet brands to Insta-famous small business, there will be something you can’t go home without. Must admit, I’m excited about the selfie wall and the panel of fellow bloggers who will be giving talks throughout the day.

A quick jaunt across town, or a trip on the free fashion bus takes you to St Georges Hall, one of our cites prettiest halls. With celeb Q&A session, high end fashion shows, demonstrations from luxury brands and designer showrooms to ogle over! If ever your fashion-heart needed a reason to sing, the BSC has the song sheet. 

I can’t wait to head on down and see it all for myself! I might not be sporting my jeans and Sketchers, but I’m happy to twirl around in a pretty dress, grab some bubbles from the Bubble Bar and celebrate the most stylish city I know!

If you fancy winning yourself a PAIR of tickets for Saturday 8th July to check out the show for yourself, head on over to my Twitter and get entering! Competition Closes FRIDAY 30th JUNE at 7am. 

Terms and Conditions:
British Style Collective tickets are standard tickets only. Ticket will be valid only for Saturday 8th July 2017 for Experience A.
Experience A includes: 
Access to Shopping Halls at The Exhbition Centre (9am - 1pm)
Alcatel Fashion Theatre Show (2pm)
All day access to St Georges Hall. 

Tickets will be supplied by the British Style Collective. The winner will be DM’d on Friday 30th June. GOOD LUCK!

Until next time, 

Monday, 19 June 2017

Evil Eye - York

evil eye york review

York is one of my favourite places to explore and I wish I went back there more often than I do. The history, the Shambles, the shopping, the food. I love everything about it and everytime I do get a chance to visit I always find something new to check out. On my latest visit, a catch up with some of my blogging besties, we found ourselves in Evil Eye, a street food cart turned restaurant with the added bonus of a gin mega store at the front!
evil eye york review

When you step through the door you are greeted with wall to wall, floor to ceiling GIN. I always knew there was a fair few gins out there for me to try but this? This was extraordinary! I oogled and ahhhed the pretty glass bottles with all kinds of varities of my sweet nectar inside. But our Evil Eye outing wasn't going to just be about gin, oh no, there was going to be food too. We headed through the shop, promising the gin we would be back soon, and ventured upstairs to the main dining space, split into two seperate spaces, we were given a room of our own were no other than Jack Skellington himself, donned in his Christmas finest, would join us for lunch. The room was moody, dark, with warm red and orange tones flooding the room. Great vibes but not great for picture taking! A large long wooden table took pride of place, with high backed church like chairs surrounding it. 

evil eye york review

The menu has a fantastic selection of Evil Eye specials, street food style at it's finist; tacos, bao buns, bhajis, gunpowder fries, avocado burgers and more. I went for the steamed spicy chicken bao buns and a side of onion bhajis. The last time I had eaten bao buns they'd been pretty small and I was starving, so I figured a small side of bhajis would be a nice alternative to chips, and besides, how big can a bhaji be?

evil eye york review

BIG it turns out. Three steaming, flavoursome bhajis, each the size of my head and covered in a sprinkled of green onion and chillies were put before me, alongside my not so teeny bao buns. Three bao buns to be exact, each filled to the brim and over flowing with chicken, salad and the most delicious spicy mayo I've ever had! Honestly, I don't know which I liked more, between the bhajis and the buns it was all just so moorish, I couldn't leave a crumb behind. 

evil eye york review

Of course, everything had to be washed down with a gin or two, and their cocktail menu put the biggest grin on my face. I mean it starts with a cocktail inspired games of snakes and ladders, then is filled with some of the most amazing sounding cocktails you could imagine, and of course, a fair few gin based ones. I'd have happily sat there all day working my way through the menu! 
After finishing off our food and in need of nursing our food babies, we grabbed our drinks and went into the other room, purely because we had heard there were BEDS inside. Beds? Beds in a bar? I kid you not! Two old school, victorian-esq four poster beds had been set up for you to get snug, comfy and cosy with your buddies over a coule of drinks. They even came with little tables in the middle too! More bars should have beds, it was such a different idea but felt so homely at the same time!
As if I needed another reason to go back to York, but I know it will be sooner rather than later and Evil Eye I will be paying you a much deserved second visit!
Huge thanks goes out to my lovely Sharon for organising the day and recommedning the food, it was a winner all round!
When you visit a new place, do you go for chain restaurant comfort or out of the box independents?
Until next time,

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