Thursday, 22 September 2016

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what to watch on tv

The nights are getting darker, colder, and I'm finding myself curled up on the couch under more and more blankets with more and more candles being lit by the night, so of course, I've been getting through a fair bit of TV. Let's have a look at what the remote's been landing on lately!

Million Dollar Princesses

I am obsessed with anything to do with aristocracy, high society, Royals, court drama and scandal, the life and times of the rich, the glamorous and the scandalous that have come before us. I’ve been loving this look at the rather rich and rambunctious American princesses who married into English titles, had their hearts broken, who broke conventional society rules and who paved the way for all those who came after them. 

Mr.Robot S2

I’ve just finished season 2 and it was just as amazing as season 1. I’m not even going to pretend like I know what happened throughout most of the latest season but it had me enthralled from episode 1 and it’s nice to see them keep moving forward, with complex character development and a surreal journey into the characters psyche that has you questioning everything you’ve seen them do for 2 seasons!

Gotham S2

Hands down, season 2 is better than season 1 - and I really enjoyed the first season but the villans have stolen the show! I still can’t quite get my head around Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon, I mean I love him and it works, but he will forever be my Ryan Atwood!

Gilmore Girls

Well, who isn’t watching this now it’s made a 7 season appearance on Netflix? I remember watching the odd episode with my Mum years ago, she was a huge fan and she would watch so many I could never catch up! It feels like the perfect on the couch with a brew kind of show that just gives me all the feels.

Great British Bake Off

I can’t watch a single episode without a cake of some sort (preferably themed to match the theme that week) in one hand, and a brew in the other. It just has to be done. I did plan on baking along this year but well, that just hasn’t happened! I am itching to get baking again though so you might get lucky and see a few Bake Off inspired bakes appearing on Instagram!

American Horror S6 - Roanoke

Eeeek!! I am in love with this show and have been since season 1, but when I realised what season 6 was going to be based on - OH I hope it’s going to be as good, if not better than Coven, which has been my favourite season by far! I love the whole mystery and conspiracy around Roanoke so I can’t wait to see their terrifying take on it!


Remember how I said I love things to do with the monarchy, Royals, the courts etc? I do love a good period drama and I’ve been loving ITV’s Victoria. I find her a fascinating monarch and I am surprised by how much I like Jenna Coleman as Victoria, though she hasn’t quite beat Emily Blunts portrayal just yet!

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

MOA Aphrodite Facial Oil

moa aphrodite facial oil review

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times. But using oils on oily skin has been one of my biggest beauty discoveries in years. The difference this has made to my skins overall appearance, condition, acne and more is astounding. So yay oils. And yay for finding a very English, organic, facial oil with the prettiest packaging you might see today. Yay, for MOA - Magic Organic Apothecary. 

I discovered MOA way back at NW Meet 2.0, there was a snazzy little gift set on offer for the raffle, which I failed to win, but a full sized bottle of the Aphrodite Facial oil in my goodie bag. The packaging instantly strikes you as being crafted to be something beautiful, not something you tear up to get to the goodies inside. Who doesn’t want to be a goddess? With glowing, healthy skin, and mermaid hair to boot? What can I say, I like a good package

moa aphrodite facial oil review

What’s inside is pretty darn special too. The pretty little brown glass bottle, looks very victorian which I love. But the oil inside is not to be missed. Rosehip; bursting with skin loving vitamins A and C, essential fatty acids and natural regenerative properties. Damask; for dry, sensitive, red and blemished skin. Organic Yarrow; for even skin tone, and marshmallow extract; for soothing and calming both inside and out. 

The oil itself feels quite thick and greasy but a little goes a really long way. After cleansing, I apply it to slightly damp skin, patting it around the face, neck and d├ęcolletage area. My skin looks super shiny for about 15-20 minutes, as the oil is absorbed into the skin. A very soft, slightly greasy residue is left behind but as I’m only using it before bed, this doesn’t bother me. It smells wonderful and I’ve got into such a routine with this little beauty that I am instantly ready for bed whenever I smell it’s heady rose scent. In the morning, my skin looks bright and vibrant but not excessively oily. It feels smooth to the touch and any blemishes that might have been cropping up look reduced and faded. 

moa aphrodite facial oil review

I’ve slowly been switching my beauty products over to more organic, homegrown versions and the MOA facial oil has shot to the top of my must-have list. One 30ml bottle is lasting me months, but I can see it being an instant repurchase when it eventually runs out! If you have dry, or blemish prone skin, using this twice a day would be ideal. As my skin is in a pretty happy place right now, once a day works wonders - and if I stop using it for a couple of days I really do see a difference, especially in redness and irritation! 

I’ve got my eye on their Green Balm next, I can only see it working in perfect harmony with the Aphrodite Facial Oil.

moa aphrodite facial oil review

How do you feel about facial oils?

Until next time,

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Renting: 6 things I hate about renting!

problems with renting in the uk

I’ve been living in my lovely rented apartment in the centre of the city for over 2 1/2 years now. As much as I love this place we’ve made home, there are a couple of things about renting that really get on my nerves. Here're a few things about renting that really bother me.

Nothing is mine

We purposefully chose a furnished place because we just about had the money for the deposit, let alone a couch and a coffee table. We picked up a couple of things, like lampshades, rugs, artwork, throws etc to put our own stamp on the place but all of the big things, don’t belong to us. And now they’re annoying me. They’re not what I would pick, they’re showing signs of wear and tear that I can’t do anything about, and every cup ring stain and spilled red wine sends me into a panic - because it’s not mine, it’s someone else’s

Decorating is not my decision.

Everything is white walls, beige floors. It's so impersonal. Easy to manage, neutral, and we do have permission to redecorate as long as we put it back to white and beige when we pack up and leave - but that’s just too much hassle for my liking. I’m not saying I want red walls and purple carpets, but a feature wall here, maybe a nice dark wood floor there - it’d be nice for the time being but the cost and time of changing everything only to have to change it back again is not worth it. 

Permission isn’t always granted.

It’s like being back living with your parents, needing to ask permission for everything. If we want to get rid of something, replace something, if we need someone to look at the toilet because it’s making a funny noise - we need permission. We have to go through the agent, who goes through the landlord, who goes back through the agent who lets us know the answer. And it’s not always as quick as reading that sentence. 

The worry.

A scratch here, a nick there, a suspicious looking stain that I can’t quite remember if it was there when we moved in or not. It all makes me worry. It could all make the difference between getting our deposit back or not at all. And that was one blood, sweat and tears deposit that I would quite like back, thank you very much. 


A couple of times a year, I clean like the queen is coming for tea. When the agents come to inspect, it’s scarier than when the parents come round for a brew. We keep the place in exceptional condition if I’m honest, it’s always clean and tidy, Good Housekeeping would be proud (most of the time). But when the agents come to visit, I don’t know, I get so nervous that they will white glove the top of the door frames and fine us for every dust bunny they find. We’ve never failed an inspection yet, but it’s still nerve-wracking. 

It’s all going nowhere.

The age old argument between buying and renting - with renting, your money is generally going nowhere and at the end of the contract, well, physically you have nothing to show for it. No walls, roof, picket fence or garden green. Nada. Nothing. Zip. You pack up, leave the couch that isn’t your behind, and move on to the next place, to another couch that isn’t yours. 

So the above makes me sound like a right negative nelly, but it’s not all doom and gloom, there are some pretty awesome benefits to renting, and I love our little home, but there’s defiantly a few things I wish we could improve on! 

Do you love or loathe renting?

Until next time, 

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