Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Woodlands Beauty - Baltic Triangle

woodlands beauty clinic baltic triangle

If there’s one thing I’m making time for this year, it’s me. I’ve been making a point of booking myself in for a facial once a month this year and not only is this amazing for my skin, but it seriously feeds my soul with some much-needed pampering and down time.  After discovering the Woodlands Beauty Clinic was just a stone's throw from my own doorstep, I booked myself in for some me time.

The Woodlands Beauty Clinic is found in one of Liverpool’s most loved areas, The Baltic Triangle. With some of the cities coolest bars, vintage shops, independents and warehouse spaces to make your Pinterest heart sing, it’s an eclectic mix that really showcases our multicultural heritage here in the city. Woodlands is located right at the top of Jamaica Street, about 10 minutes walk from John Lewis in Liverpool One.

woodlands beauty clinic baltic triangle

After being blown every which ways sideways by the wind and soaked through by the rain, I squelched into the clinic like I’d been dragged through a bush backwards. Suffice to say I was in dire need of some TLC - and the lovely Antonia was more than happy to sort me out and get me feeling back on top. 

woodlands beauty clinic baltic triangle

We started with nails. Mine have actually been growing long and strong for the first time in years so I am loving getting them all professionally polished up. I had a shellac manicure, wanting to channel my inner Belle (I was seeing Beauty and the Beast that night!) so we went with the shade Hollywood, a vibrant red with super fine gold flecks giving it that extra sparkle. Antonia was so quick, my nails were done in no time, instantly try and polished to perfection. A quick slathering of almond oil and the job was done. 

woodlands beauty clinic baltic triangle

Then, I went upstairs. They have the prettiest treatment room with a heated bed that, after a wintery morning wander, was more than welcoming to my still quite cold feet! I slid on under the quilt, popped on my headband and let the soft music and flickering candles lull me far far away. 

I’d opted for their Agera Oxybrighten Facial, a hydrating and oxygenating treatment that included a mild microdermabrasion and a face mask that fluffed up to look and feel like a cloud! This is considered their red carpet facial as your face is ready and rearing to go for make-up and a night out afterwards! It penetrates deeply into the layers of your skin, nourishing and encouraging cell regeneration without leaving your skin red or sensitive afterwards.

woodlands beauty clinic baltic triangle

The facial itself was so relaxing, I could feel myself drifting off after just a few minutes. The microdermabrasion was so gentle, with super fine microbeads scrubbing away all the dead and dry skin. The face mask was probably my favourite bit, it felt like when you used to give yourself a bubble beard in the bath as a kid! Whilst the mask was doing its thang, Antonia did her thang on my neck, d├ęcolletage and shoulders with a mini massage. I felt like I was melting into the bed!

Before I knew it, Antonia was encouraging me to come back around, unwillingly, to the real world. She passed me a glass of water and encouraged me to hydrate as much as possible for the rest of the day. She gave me the treatment room for as long as I needed and damn, I could have stayed under that heated quilt for hours! My face felt like it belongs to someone else, it was so fresh and new! It felt so soft and smooth, with no redness in sight! Yes, I looked and felt a bit drunk afterwards, but can we just admire the freshness and clearness of my skin here?

woodlands beauty clinic baltic triangle

I couldn’t thank Antonia enough, I felt amazing! She recommended I get myself a deep tissue neck and shoulder massage pronto as the knots there needed some serious work - don’t worry, I’m on this! I skipped out of the clinic and even the weather was back on my super chilled side, with not a drop of rain or wisp of the wind the whole walk home!

If you’re looking for some city centre self-loving, The Woodlands Clinic is more than happy to treat you to a pamper session and get you looking and feeling your best self!

woodlands beauty clinic baltic triangle

Another huge thanks to Antonia for being an absolute joy to spend the morning with and for working some serious magic on me! Almost a week on and my skin is still looking bright!

When was the last time you treated yourself to a facial?

Until next time, 

Monday, 20 March 2017

Things I do when I'm feeling down!

things to do when you're feeling down

Sometimes you just feel down. There’s no rhyme or reason to it, you just feel like a bag of crap. We all have our down days, so here’s an idea of how I deal with mine…


Be it with the Mr or with my Mum and Dad, the sooner I vent my frustrations to them, the sooner they can listen then tell me whether I’m totally hitting the nail on the head, or I need to be hit over the head. Bottling things up doesn’t work, it just causes them to bubble, build and finally explode in a mentos mint meets coke scenario. 


From a hot bath to that lotion I’ve been saving because it’s so fancy-pants, fresh warm pj’s, a face mask, maybe I’ll even do my nails. The more down I’m feeling, the more all out I’ll go with my pampering. It tends to help me take my mind off whatever is bothering me, so by the end of it, when I’m all plucked and polished, I’m feeling so good that I’ve forgotten about feeling so bad. 

Pampering 2.0

Sometimes, you have to kick it up a notch and let someone else take control of the pampering. So far this year I’ve been making a point of going for a facial every month. If it happens to fall on a down day, even better. There’s just something about someone else taking the lead, working out the knots and kinks that you kinda knew were there but had so far been avoiding. There’s something about taking that time out for yourself too, off the grid, away from the hustle, bustle, and drama that’s going on on the other side of the spa door. 


Cardio doesn’t distract me enough if anything it makes me think too much. But weights are different. The thing about weight lifting is that you really have to concentrate on what you’re doing. Your form, the amount you’re lifting, keeping count of the reps. I’m so busy thinking about all these little things that my brain totally shuts off from whatever big things are bothering me. Then by the end of the session, I’m too pooped to care about much else than a shower and bed!


They say the person who reads truly lives a thousand lives. I can’t think of a better way to escape any and all real world problems than escaping between the pages of a far off land, or just somebody else’s romantic trials and tribulations. Not that it works for me, but I reckon if you like audiobooks then this would work just as well. 

Travel Vlogs

Yup. Not going to lie, they're usually Disney ones too. There's just something about seeing people so happy in a place that I have so many happy, awesome memories that can't stop me from smiling. 

Free Writing

So most of what I’ve talked about so far tends to help me just push my worries and woes to one side for a while. But you can’t ignore a problem for long, and one of the best ways for me to actually deal with them is to write them down. Free writing is just one of those amazing activities that are so cathartic. And the best part? Nobody else ever has to read what you have written. Keep them in a journal, type them and never hit save, or go one step further and burn those bad boys (safety first). I’ve had people tell me they feel silly writing things down but honestly, give it a go, just put pen to paper and see what happens. You can even start with ‘this crazy girl off the internet has told me to do this, and I don’t know why, and really all I fancy is beans on toast and cup of tea right now…’ and see where your free thoughts take you. It’s amazing how doing that always ends up leading me to discover something totally different to what I originally thought was at the root of what's bothering me.

How do you deal with your down days?

Until next time, 

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

GHD Curl Masterclass

curling with ghd straighteners

When I was 19, I got my first set of GHD Straighteners. They were hot pink in the classic style and I loved them. Even though my hair is naturally straight, they were great for that extra sleek finish, eventually learning to throw a flick or a curl in there too. I loved them. Fast forward almost 11 years to the day and I still have those exact same hot pink GHD’s. They have never failed me. They still heat up perfectly, no crackling, no wire damage, no plate damage. The odd scuff mark aside, they are almost as good as new!

There are some things you buy that really are a lifetime investment purchase and for me, GHD’s are high up on that list. So when I was invited down to my local GHD counter in John Lewis for a hair curling masterclass, I jumped at the chance to upgrade my GHD game.

curling with ghd straighteners

I popped along on a busy Saturday afternoon to meet Natalie who would be my hair-y god mother for the afternoon. It’s be a long time since I even looked at what GHD has to offer and damn, have they come a long way since I got my first set! We all know and love the classic slimline styler, but did you know they actually created the max styler, with a wider plate to stop people making fakes?  The new tri-zone technology inside the straitening plates means there are three heaters running through the plate, giving a more even distribution of heat and  50% less hair damage. I fell a little bit in love with the platinum styler, with it’s white finish and space-age design too.

curling with ghd straighteners

Straightners aside, I didn’t realise GHD actually have a range of hairdryers and tongs too that are, in short, brilliant. It was the Curve Classic Wave Wand that we ended up using on the day to create some voluminous tousled curls. The wand itself has, to me, a really unique barrel. It’s more like a squashed oval. This thicker, oval shaped barrel is perfect for longer hair - it wasn’t until Natalie took a picture of my hair all brushed out that I realised just how long it was! I started to apologise, convinced I was going to give the poor girl RSI after curling all that hair! She promised me it wouldn’t be a problem and started sectioning it all off.

curling with ghd straighteners

When I curl my hair at home, be it with a wand or straighteners, it takes me close to 90 minutes. 90 frazzled, stressful, get half way through and want to pack it all in and straighten everything I’ve done, minutes. Natalie had it done in 30 minutes which included being stopped by customers to answer questions and us two having a good ol’ chinwag about the wonderful world of blogging. She even shared some top tips for recreating the curls myself at home with my current GHD’s.  


curling with ghd straighteners

I was in awe of this magic. Natalie had created tousled, shiny, voluminous curls that I couldn’t stop bouncing! She sprayed each strand with GHD’s Curl Hold Spray, a multi functioning product that not only helps to create long lasting curls, but acts as a heat protectant too. Then finished with an overall spritz of the GHD Final Shine Spray and a heavy dose of the GHD Final Fix Hairspray. All of the products smelt amazing and were so light, they added no weight to my hair whatsoever! We both had to laugh, my hair looked like it had doubled in volume! 

With photos taken and more thanks doled out to Natalie for a wonderful session, I skipped out of John Lewis feeling ridiculously glamorous, my curls bouncing right along with me!

curling with ghd straighteners

I learnt more about my own hair and how to curl in that one session than I think any YouTube video has ever taught me! There really is something to be said for a more personable experience! 

Do you own a set of GHD’s? How long have you had yours for?

Until next time, 

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